Best dessert for hot summer days? POPSICLES! Ice pops are super refreshing and so easy! Think frozen smoothies, juices, milkshakes, teas, or sodas. To make them, you first prepare your liquid mixture. I like to blend my favorite fruits with water, orange juice or milk or soda, and iced teas, or try a spiked version! Pour your mixture (or liquid beverage) into ice pop molds (read below). Finally, FREEZE them, and voile, done!

My favorite and the hands down best, ice pop mold is the Zoku Classic Pop Molds from William Sonoma, for $15. Classic or available in kid friendly shapes and colors, but all of these molds allow the pops to slip out of the silicone mold so easily, and without a hassle.

Try these popsicle recipes,

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