Clean That Grill

Two Grill Cleaning Tips

1. Place your grate over the heat for a few minutes, then brush it briskly with a wire brush. Anything that was stuck on from the last cookout will now scrape right off. Magic! I’m a big fan of the Grill Daddy, the steam from the water in the brush, combined with the heat of the grill cleans the grates and sanitizes them.

2. Using the longest pair of tongs you have, lightly dip a kitchen towel in vegetable oil and carefully coat the grates. The oil will smoke for about 30 seconds as it burns off, but afterwards you’ll have a practically nonstick grill.

4 thoughts on “Clean That Grill

  1. After lighting we place a piece of aluminum foil on the grate and close the lid. It acts like a self cleaner and any debris left on the grill turns to ash. Leave the foil for 5-7 minutes and use brush to remove the ash. Easy!!

  2. Don’t have a wire brush. Crumple up a piece of foil and rub the hot grates all the cooked on food will come right off.

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