Praline For Purim

by Moshe Dembitzer, GKC contributor

For as long as I can remember I have had an addiction to praline. Whenever praline chocolate truffles or praline brownies were placed in front of me, my eyes would light up and my mouth would water. After you try this recipe you will understand. With Purim just around the corner everyone is looking for a new ingredient to spruce up their Shalach Manos, Seudah, or even favorite Hamantashen recipe. And after you try this surprisingly easy recipe for Praline paste, you will have just the thing to elevate any recipe and make it a Purim to remember.

Try these praline recipes:
Chocolate Cake and Praline Topping
Warm Bananas Praline with Pareve Vanilla Ice Cream

Or add some Praline paste to the chocolate filling in this Classic Hamantashen recipe to take them to the next level.

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