Chanukah Cocktails for Your Chanukah Party

Chanukah Cocktails! Don’t Miss These Great Drinks at your Chanukah Party

When it comes to wine, everyone has an opinion, so what do you do when you’re hosting a Chanukah party and everyone wants something different? We asked our resident party expert (and director of wine education for Royal Wine Corp.) Jay Buchsbaum and he suggested mixing up a batched cocktail. Why? It’s easy, you can make it in large quantities ahead of time, and people can help themselves as opposed to you pouring every glass. Jay lists some favorites below, but the possibilities are endless. So grab a large punch bowl or pitcher (or several, if you’re creating more than one recipe) and don’t just host your party, enjoy it too!
Passion Fruit Bubbly
Dreidel Rum Punch
Winter Sangria

Just remember, the important thing about hosting a party is spending time with friends and family, not your kitchen. Enjoy and happy Chanukah!

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