Know your Dessert Salts

Whatever your dessert needs, a sprinkle of one of these will get the job done, but don’t use table salt!!!!

Kosher salt: These crystals dissolve quickly and evenly in cookie dough’s, tart and pie crusts, and caramels, introducing salt to ingredients without clobbering them.

Flaky Sea Salt: Preferred for their light, crunchy texture and delicate pyramid-shaped flakes, sea salts like Maldon or Himalayan Sea Salt, provide the ideal finishing touch on cookies, ice cream and apple pie. I like to use this one in Umami Ice Cream Bars.

Coarse Sea Salts: These salts (like fleur de sel) work with assertive flavors and textures. Like Maldon, their grains are crunchy but don’t
dissolve as quickly.

2 thoughts on “Know your Dessert Salts

    • I usually use table salt in baking, thats what most recipes call for. Kosher salt and sea salt are thicker and dissolve quicker and you can have more control over the pungency. I use them as finishing salts in baking. Iodized or table salt is very strong but still commonly used in baking cookies and cakes, but when you need to finish a salted caramel or sprinkle a little salt on a chocolate cake use sea salt or kosher salt.

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