How to Thank Israeli Soldiers In Israel?

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So many people are doing wonderful things to collect for and support the IDF. If you would like me to share your ideas with our readers please post your thoughts on the GKC facebook page or email me at GKC readers are eager to help so please share your personal efforts or local collections.

A few other ideas that came this week include;
Thank Israeli Soldiers, sends packages and assistance to the soldiers on the front line. Donations can be made online.

Check out Indiegogo, Support our Soldiers in Israel, social media campaign to raise money for the basic necessities of Israeli soldiers. Their mission, “Help us raise money to support to our troops, they are missing so many basic things such as towels, socks, necessities, medical equipment and so much more. Your genorosity counts, it  will count to accomplish this task. It’s our thank you to our soldiers, for risking their life so we can live in peace in Israel.” Give or repost their efforts on your facebook pages.

Get IDF gear, t-shirts, pens, luggage tags, bags, etc. and still help fund Friends of the IDF. Or to their Rapid Relief Fund.

Rabbi Gradon in Los Angeles spoke of the immediate need for bullet proof vests for the Israeli soldiers. Checks are being collected and Rabbi Gradon is personally involved in this assistance. Checks should be written to Tzedekah Fund (receipts will be provided) and mailed to :
Joan Steinberg
1138 Cardiff Ave. #4
Los Angeles, CA 90035

Let me know what you are doing in your neighborhoods!

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