What is Brain Freeze? And Yum, Lots of Ice Cream and Sorbet Desserts

Ever wonder, what that ice cream headache really is? That painful, sudden headache that occurs when eating something cold is commonly referred to as brain freeze. It’s caused by rapid temperature changes in your mouth. When you take a big bite of cold ice cream, book vessels in the roof of your mouth constrict to reduce blood flow and heat loss. After you swallow, the vessels quickly rewarm and dilate, increasing the book flow and stimulating nearby by pain receptors. Then the brain sends out pain signals along the largest cranial nerve and you experience pain behind your eyes and cross your forehead, your jaw and the back of your head. To prevent this, just SLOW DOWN. Savor ice cream slowly in small bites. Or I you’ve already pressed a big, cold bite against the roof of your mouth and then swallowed it, drink something cool to slow down the rapid rewarming of your blood vessels. At least now you know what is happening!

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One thought on “What is Brain Freeze? And Yum, Lots of Ice Cream and Sorbet Desserts

  1. what is better than ice cream? But I do not really trust any ice cream vendor in this time. I have heard that the vendors are using some bad chemicals which are harmful for health.

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