Too busy to bake?

Try these semi-homemade recipes and save some time and still wow your guests.

Sometimes, just sometimes, even the most gourmet cooks must take a break. For some, that means going out to eat at a restaurant or refraining from having guests for a week or two. But for others it means taking a short cut and making items that cheat a little. You know, like Duck Sauce Chicken, or Good Seasons Italian Dressing or store bought dessert. This week, I have a few cheater cookie recipes for you that will remain in your repertoire whether you have all the time in the world or just a few short minutes to pull something together. The cookies taste like they are from scratch but each starts with a little help from a cake mix. Don’t throw tomatoes at me for sharing these with all of you proud cooks! Just try them and then you will appreciate it and use the extra time for other things you enjoy.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Cookies
Luscious Lemon Cookies
Chocolate Raspberry Bars with Almonds and Icing
Anything in The Pantry Cookies

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