Reflections on Mother’s Day


Yes, I know Mother’s Day was last Sunday but I’m still on a high from the warm text messages, sweet cards, and thoughtful gifts my kids prepared. I’ve officially become one of those moms that saves notes and cards and really appreciates the sentiments that could be shared everyday but get reserved for what America designates as the day to appreciate mom. Who cares, I’m in. It was a real mom day for me, mother-son brunch in the morning at school, a few baseball games and carpools and then a barbeque with family. Food was terrific and stay tuned because I tested lots of great marinades that I’m posting for Father’s day and yum, they are delicious. On top of the activity, I’m still appreciating the fantastic and personal gifts my kids showered upon me. First, a new Nike running cap. I love those light-weight caps that are great for exercise and a summer day. A gorgeous necklace with lettering, “LOVE” on it, so cute and trendy, and of course a cookbook that I had my eye on, Fresh From the Farm, by Susie Middleton (these summer recipes are going to make some great summer recipe posts!). Scary how well my kids get my simple pleasures, a bit of exercise, a sparkle of jewels, and cooking. Gosh, I love them!

One thought on “Reflections on Mother’s Day

  1. Wow! I’m glad someone made out on Mothers Day. My son, an only, sent only a text
    message. Still, I was grateful he thought of me. I bought myself a small gift for celebrating
    the special day for Mothers. And, yes I too love my son.

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