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Estee Kafra from has a new book, just out and in high demand! Cooking Inspired is filled with hundreds of inspired recipes that are easy to make and even better to taste.  The photography (did you know she does this too?!) is bright and colorful and rouses you to take a bite right off the pages! Read our chat with Estee Kafra and get the sneak peak recipes here.

Get one today at for $27.99 or submit to win one on GKC!

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65 thoughts on “Giveaway: Cooking Inspired Cookbook

  1. I am so excited to hear that Estee has a new cookbook coming out. I would be thrilled to win one! I just love the recipes on Kosher Scoop and would love to be able to use the cookbook every day. I am blown away by how multi-talented Estee is! To be able to photograph the delicious dishes she makes as well as create them is amazing! Hope I win the cookbook! Thanks Estee!

  2. I carry “Cooking Inspired” in my Judaica shop in Chicago. I found myself perusing recipes every day, going back to look at recipes, talking about this book with customers. I made the “Maple Brisket” recipe for Thanksgivukkah! I’d love to add this book to my shelf- it’s a perfect combination of uncomplicated and delicious!

  3. Wow Estee Kafra! Looks like an amazing cookbook that I would love to use in my everyday repertory of recipes! Thanks to Gourmet Kosher for introducing it! Hope to win!

  4. I was so thrilled about Estee’s new cookbook coming out – and I would be thrilled to win one of them!
    I love how she combines ingredients so creatively – but in such a way that even a novice can follow!
    I hope she is very successful with her cookbook sales!

  5. I adore kosher cooking and am always looking for a new addition to my kosher cooking library. I think we should be as supportive of kosher cooks who produce cookbooks and kosher cooking websites like this one. Way to go to the website, the author, and everyone who reads and/or contributes their ideas and support.

  6. thanks for introducing me to kosherscoop. I’ve had to make Shabbat for about 3 years now … and have a limited repertoire and I’m always interested in adding a new wrinkle!

  7. I have Estée’s first set of cookbooks and refer to them often. I love that they are different and more on the healthy side. She is very creative and the dishes are visually appealing.mi cannot wait to see her new cookbook and would love to win it here. Thank you for keeping us up to date reviewing the new cookbooks that are out there.

  8. I really enjoy Kosher Scoop and it is my go to place for interesting and creative recipes. We, The husband and sous chef, and I would love to add this cookbook to our collection!

  9. I love Estee Kafra’s other cookbook set, Cooking With Color. It’s one of the best collections of recipes on the Jewish market – its recipes are not only beautiful and tasty but also healthy and colorful. I would love to have another cookbook by her and see what other great ideas she has for us! Thanks for giving me the chance!

  10. Cooking Inspired by Estee Kafra sounds like an amazing cook book, with new approaches to basic cooking, something I really would appreciate.

  11. This would be a great addition to any kosher kitchen. It is always great to get new recipes to try out. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  12. Love this website and Estee’s website – – cant wait to see this new cookbook!! I have all her other ones and love them.

  13. Always looking for new recipes for guests and family. My kids love looking through cookbooks with me, picking out the things they’d like me to make! Now if I could only get them to do something!

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