Giveaway: DASH Cookbook

Just in time for summer, the authors of DASH, Inspired Kosher Recipes for the Seasoned Palate (the publication for Torah Academy for Girls in Far Rockaway), have not one but TWO cookbooks and mugs for us to giveaway this week. Published last year, this book made a splash with its jazzy cover and great list of recipes, including a gorgeous layered salad titled Summer Salad with Sweet Poppy Seed Dressing and Art Deco Tart, which boasts great roasted vegetables with olives and honey mustard. I love how the book takes kosher cooking to a new level of cuisine by using new and exciting flavor combinations. There is something in the book for everyone, from traditional to International foods. This week DASH shares some BBQ recipes with GKC. Check out the recipe for Coffee Cajun NY Strip Steak.

Get your copy of DASH for a special promotional price of $22 for the cookbook plus the mug at or call TAG directly at 718-471-8444

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71 thoughts on “Giveaway: DASH Cookbook

  1. Love gettig your new recipes with pictures and step-by-step directions.
    Would be so happy to win the free cookbook.

  2. I’m always on the lookout for new Kosher recipes. Gourmet Kosher Cooking has never let me down. I’m sure these cookbooks will not disappoint either.

  3. love to get my hands on this cookbooks as I collect cookbooks for new recipes and do not have this one

  4. I thoroughly enjoy kosher cooking, especially on holidays. Even though there are some “must serves”, each year I try some new things. I often find that cookbooks compiled by Jewish schools have some unique and tasty discoveries. My husband and I love to cook and entertain and people look to us for new ideas and cookbook recommendations. This cookbook would find a loving home with us (and our friends).

    I love your site and the recipes and products you feature.

  5. Winning the TAG’s cookbook would be so meaningful. The recipes are beautiful and delicious as are its students and graduates, many who I know dating back to its beginning. Every time I will look through the cookbook, it would remind me of them and the outstanding Bnos and N’shei Yisroel it produced.

  6. Every email I receive from you has something new and interesting.I am so happy whenver I see a new email from you.

  7. I really enjoy your website and recipes. My daughter is coming to Jerusalem for Hanukah and would love to bring the cookbook with her.

  8. I would love to give this book as a gift to my newly married grandaughter! It’s gotten great reviews from my neighbors.

  9. The recipes from girl’s mothers in yeshiva cookbooks are always the best. would love to learn some new stuff to make.

  10. Sounds very interesting and exotic! I always enjoy trying out new recipes with my creative 11 year-old daughter.

  11. The cookbook looks amazing!!! Would love to win it and get some new recipes for the clan 🙂

  12. Thank you GKC for giving me so many healthy and tasty kosher recipes to try!

    The cookbook looks fantastic!

  13. Summer is here, more of my kids are home and I have more time to cook! Just this Shabbat I tried out some new recipes! Would love to win this cookbook and add it to my collection. Planning new menus is so much fun!

    Ellen Gruber

  14. Every Sunday I check your site for new recipes and plan my meals around them. I’d love to win the TAG cookbooks especially since my 5 grandaughters started in the school this year and I’ve heard from them that the cookbook has wonderful recipes.

    Thanks for making our meals so exciting.

  15. It’s always something interesting from Gourmet Kosher Cooking. I would love to get the cookbook for my daughter starting out on her own.

  16. The new Barbeque Recipes are great for the summer, especially the Lamb chops. Iwoulf like a copy of the Dash Cookbook so i can try all the new recipes

  17. I enjoy your website and have been curious about this cookbook but can’t permit myself to purchase it. I would love to win it in your giveaway! That has never happened to me but I’m hoping there will be a first time. 😉

  18. Always on the lookout for new Jewish cookbooks for my collection. I never win at contests – maybe this will be my change of luck.

  19. I love this site. I have made fantastic meals from GKC recipes and I would love to win the Dash Cookbook.

  20. Your website always has such good recipes, great pictures, and more. And I have heard such great things about this cookbook- would love to win one!!

  21. Should DASH be as good as your site, I will G-d willing, drink L’hayim to all involved in its tasty success.

  22. I love gkc. Always something there for me to try out! Would love getting a dash cookbook, hope to win!

  23. I’m crazy for your site and amazing recipes. I love to entertain and would be forever grateful to win this beautiful cookbook. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the Gourmet Kosher Cooking cookbook to be born very soon!

  24. I appreciate the GKC site and find it both useful and interesting. Winning one of the prizes would be an additional accolade .

  25. Would absolutely love to win this cookbook! It has great pictures and the recipes would add new excitement to my cooking as well as to our family meals!

  26. Great site for interesting food ideas and other things. I would love to win a copy!

  27. I haven’t seen these cookbooks in person yet and would love to have one! Any good recipe for lamb chops?

  28. Always happy to try new recipes from your site. I make the Quinoa Salad with Mustard Roasted Vegetables all year long. You can’t have enough good recipes or enough cookbooks!