Featured Giveaway: Chic Made Simple Cookbook

Just in time for Hanukah, the new cookbook CHIC MADE SIMPLE has arrived in stores. Esther Deutsch, food editor for Ami magazine and super accomplished food stylist and recipe developer has launched new debut cookbook called CHIC MADE SIMPLE.   It’s chic looking, glossy, bright and beautiful with over 210 photos.  The recipes are simple so the title is perfectly fitting.  The author’s theory is that food that looks irresistible will also taste as such.  Her recipes are designed to look and taste like gourmet cuisine without the fuss. They are simple enough for the novice, fast enough for the busy cook, and impressive enough for the most accomplished.

The book features recipes like Clementine Glazed Chicken and Baby Arugula Salad with Balsamic Soy Vinaigrette (that sounds like it will be a GKC fav!), Sushi Gefilte Fish, and Striped Sesame Teriyaki Salmon (this looks like you catered it!).  Much thanks to the author for sharing that sneak peak recipe here.

Have questions for the author? Esther Deutsch wants your questions and feedback. Ask it here, (questions get double entries!)  GKC has one. How would you plate a piece of salmon that is cut after it is cooked (meaning a more rustic, jagged edge piece)? Stay tuned for the answers to all of your questions soon.

GKC is smitten with CHIC MADE SIMPLE.  You will be too!

Submit to win or get one while they last from Feldheim Publishers for $36.99.

127 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Chic Made Simple Cookbook

  1. I wonder how simple it can be to present a dish as beautiful as the picture! Would love to try.

  2. I would love to make every recipe in this cookbook! And make it look just as amazing as Esther Deutsch does! I would love to win it!

  3. Would love to win the cookbook to replace some of mine that got ruined in the flood. While we try to get back on our feet – chic but SIMPLE would be the optimum way to cook

  4. I read the salmon recipe. It sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try. The presentation is outstanding.
    I have a question. I always thought fish shouldn’t be marinated for so long because the acid in the marinade starts to cook the fish, but this recipe calls for marinating overnight. What does that do to the fish?

    • Hi Betty –

      Marinating the fish overnight will insure that the salmon completely absorbs the teriyaki flavors. It will also tenderize the salmon. It is recommended that fish should marinade no longer than 8 – 12 hours so overnight is fine. If you are short on time, you can marinate the salmon for a minimum of 2 – 3 hours. Enjoy!

  5. I am making a sheva brachos now for the first time and want it to look good. I can so use the help of a ckbk that will teach me how to.

    I am making chicken quarters for the main. I’ve been looking for a good recipe that is delicious and looks really nice. Any ideas?

    • Hi Faigy –

      In CHIC made simple, there are many poultry recipes and most of them can be adapted to prepare chicken quarters. ( Apricot Balsamic Cornish Hens, Chicken L’orange, Baked Caramelized Sesame Chicken, Savory Chicken with Papaya Salsa, Cranberry Blueberry Orange Chicken and more) You can also simply use your favorite chicken recipe and garnish with fresh herb chiffonade, chopped or ribboned chives, edible flowers or multicolored cauliflower- it will look gourmet and gorgeous. Good Luck!

  6. This cookbook looks AMAZING! I want to try that peanut butter chocolate pie. Looks delicious and uses my two favorite ingrediants. Would love to win!

  7. Hi Elizabeth –

    Good question. To get the cleanest slices from a large cooked salmon (or any other fish) fillet – use a carving knife that has a razor sharp edge. Because a carving knife has a longer blade and a pointed tip it will yield a neater cut. Some carving knives have a granton edge which will prevent the salmon slices from looking shredded. If you don’t own a good carving knife, there is no need to go shopping for one. You will get many compliments on the beautiful striped salmon filet on the table, that your friends and family will forgive you when the cut slices arent perfect:) Or, you can simply prepare the Striped Sesame Salmon Teryaki recipe on individual slices for a perfect presentation.


  8. I am looking around for a good cold cut salad without cherry tomatoes and lettuce and can’t find could u share anything with us?

    • Hi Effy –

      You can always add cold cuts to a slaw salad recipe. Instead of lettuce try using shredded purple cabbage or cole slaw. In CHIC there are two slaw recipes that may work really well with diced or shredded cold cuts – The Purple Cabbage and Yellow Pepper Slaw and the Asian Cole Slaw recipe. Both of these recipes calls for oil in the dressing, but you can substitute mayo for the oil. Just make sure to add a little bit of warm water to dilute the mayo so it shouldn’t be too thick. As I am writing this, I’m thinking we may be on to something delicious here……:)

  9. Sorry i missed you @ kosherfest would loved to have met you & seen cookbook. Can’t wait to possibly win! Your book & recipes look fantastic! Love the cover good luck

  10. This would be the perfect gift for my new place! I would so love to win this and promise to put it to good use:)

    • Hi Elsie –

      The trick to preventing potato kugel from turning grey is to add 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar to the mixture. (It won’t change the flavor of the kugel)
      Also, baking the kugel as quickly as possible immediately after preparation will help as well.

      Good Luck!

      • Another great trick is to grate the potatoes into the egg mixture. This prevents the potatoes from oxidizing and thus no icky green color.

  11. I recently got married but have been cooking since I am in high school so it is not something so new to me. However, I am having difficulty getting used to cooking for two people because I am used to cooking for my large family. I can sit and read cookbooks all day if only I had more because I think I already read the ones I have a few times each so I would LOVE to win this one!!!!!!!

  12. what’s the best way to keep roasted vegetables or potatoes tasting fresh before shabbos if they must be cooked in advance due to work ?
    looks like a most excellent cookbook!

    • Hi Judy –

      The trick that many restaurants and caterers use when serving roasted potatoes is to parboil the potatoes in advance. (the potatoes should be fork tender, but not too overcooked or mushy) After parboiling potatoes, set aside until at least 20 minutes before serving. Place the potatoes in a pan with desired oil, spices, herbs etc and roast at 415F for 20 – 25 minutes. This technique will result in perfectly balanced potatoes – tender on the inside and crispy and golden on the outside. This same method can be used for roasting vegetables. Hope this helps!

  13. I am always on the lookout for new kosher cookbooks even though my bookshelf is overcrowded. I am known as a good cook and my husband is as well and we love entertaining. I am not shy about sharing my culinary secrets, except for my challah, and would do my best to spread the word about the book because cooks of all ages should understand that kosher cooking can be simple and delicious.

  14. what are some twists on the familiar you could recommend to serve at a dairy fish bat mitzvah dinner in January that would be popular with both kids and adults – WOW presentation and taste of course. Buffet style presentation or passed hors d’oeuvre? Loved the idea of the sushi gefitle fish but family doesn’t like it…

    • Hi Lisa –

      The Poached Sweet and Tangy Salmon recipe in CHIC will make a salmon lover out of even the most finicky eater – including children. It’s my daughter’s favorite salmon and the very first version of salmon that she tasted. I’m convinced that’s why she enjoys eating salmon in general – all because of that first recipe. The Coconut Tilapia with the Apricot Teryaki dipping sauce is another great option that you can serve on skewers as a passed finger food. You can serve a single serving of the skewered Coconut Tilapia strip in a small shot glass or mini bowl filled with some of the Apricot sauce. Lots of luck with your planning!

  15. I love this cookbook! I hope I will win so I can continue to learn to make delicious Kosher food.

  16. looked through this cookbook in the book store and loved it!! hoping to win such a masaterpiece

  17. I lost most all of my cookbooks to a kitchen flood (husband generated, not hurricane) and am very slowly trying to get a new ‘stock.’ This looks like just the one which will be a staple for me and I would love to win it. The more creative it looks, the more likely the kids will at least try it!

  18. I tried a lot of your recipes from the whisk, everything always comes out great! would love to have it all and more in one book! I hope I win!

  19. I’ve always wondered — is it safe to re-use marinade? For example, I have a great recipe for a chicken that is marinated in quite a bit of liquid. I don’t use all of the marinade when I cook the chicken and end up throwing out quite a bit of good olive oil, lemon juice, etc. Would there be anything wrong with freezing the marinade for use at a future time?

    Thank you!

    P.S. Cookbook looks fabulous!

    • Thanks Holly!

      I would advise not to re-use any leftover marinade since they harbor bacteria. And, even if there isn’t any active bacteria, the marinade still harbors by-products of the bacteria which can occasionally be just as dangerous. Some cooks do recycle marinades by bringing it to a rolling boil and then freezing it. But, that will also greatly alter the taste and texture of the marinade.