Featured Giveaway: Kosher By Design, Cooking Coach

Susie Fishbein’s newest book Kosher By Design, Cooking Coach. Filled with over 120 new recipes, 400 photos and great tips and techniques to make any cook more creative and confident. See more information and a sneak peak recipe in the blog. Submit to win.

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Can’t wait to get one? Available from Artscroll for $29.59 .

102 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Kosher By Design, Cooking Coach

  1. I have all the kosher by design bookds. and would love to add this to my library. Also I’m a big fan of GKC.. the mock lobster rolls recipe made me famous.

  2. I recently attended a cooking class fundraiser w/ Susie, here in Atlanta. It was great and she pitched the new cookbook a bit. Given how often I use her other ones, it would be great to win this. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. Cant wait to get this cookbook! Have seen Suzie Fishbein in 2 cooking classes and she is wonderful. Use her reciepes all the time. Have quite a few of her books.

  4. As a newlywed I’ve either bought or been given all but one of these fabulous cookbooks. I have Susie to thank for making cooking so enjoyable as well as many successful weeknight, shabbat, and yom tov meals. One of her kugel recipes was big hit when I hosted Rosh Hashanah first day lunch, mom was impressed, therefore ending my search for the perfect apple kugel. My three younger siblings, husband, and our family and friends would greatly benefit from yet another one of these wonderful cookbooks.

  5. I just told my husband I wanted one of her cookbooks for Chanukah! Would love to win this new one – – then I’ll have two!!

  6. What a brilliant concept to create a cookbook that not only contains incredible recipes, but also gives cooking tips and ideas.

  7. I am a great great grandmother, going on age 95 IYH, with a long history of cooking. I LOVE to look at Susie’s wonderful cookbooks and suggest what to make to others. ( I can’t stand up in the kitchen anymore, but sit on my walker.) I would love to get her new book.

  8. I subscribe love, love your recipes. I get so many compliments on the meals I make using them, especially the deserts. Would Lovevto have this new cookbook.

  9. Would love to win this cookbook. I direct a preschool program at a JCC and I talk up Susie Fishbein cookbooks all the time. Great as wedding shower presents!

  10. I absolutely love every single on of Susie Fishbein’s recipe books and would feel so privileged if I could win this one. I look forward to going through the recipes one at a time and enjoying the succulent tastes of all of them.

  11. I’ve been a subscriber for quite some time now, and you truly have the most organized and user-friendly,information-rich kosher blog !
    I own Susie fishbein’s ‘kosher by design short on time’ and I must say, each and every recipe I tried turned out delicious and as pictured- unlike any other cookbook I have ever tried, where it was hit or miss..wasting my time and money. I would love her new cookbook!

  12. These cookbooks are so ubiquitous in Jewish homes that I’ve named Bereshis, Shemoth, etched. Moving on to books of Navi! Would love to own the new one and start cooking, especially after Hurricane Sandy!

  13. After all the mazing cookbooks Fishbein had given us s far, I can’t imagine what is left to share.
    But I am VERY curious to see! and would love to be able to win this one.

  14. hi,
    I love making your recipes. my family and friends have chosen me as their go-to chef.
    sue fishbein writes terrific cookbooks and I’d be ever so pleased if I would win
    her newest, “kosher by design, cooking coach”
    thanks so much,

  15. Would love this book as soon as we get back to ourselves from the devastation of Sandy, I will then think about following recipes and cooking from it!

  16. Mrs. Fishbein never fails to impress with her inventiveness, creativity and beauty of presentation. I would love to own her newest cookbook.

  17. Congratulations to Ms. Fishbein on her new cookbook! I would love to win this for my daughter, in college in NYC. New to cooking, I think this would help guide her, and would be a welcome treat after weathering the storms.

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