Featured Giveaway: Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket

Eli Zabar’s located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and famous for their smoked salmon, rugelach, babka, gourmet cheeses and coffees, every specialty item one can think of is a favorite of GKC! For me, shopping at Eli Zabar’s is enjoyable and exciting, like cruising a farmer’s market and finding the greatest new and most unusual products and lots of kosher ones.  Not only do they have special items, they carry the best items, the best jams, the best smoked fish, the best chocolates for eating and baking, fantastic cakes and cookies, the best of everything.  Just walk through and smell the coffee, pastries, cheeses, and nuts.  You will not leave without a large bag of goodies.

You must visit Eli Zabar’s when you are in NY and if you do not visit often (why not?), visit them online and bring their fabulous foods to your table.

Eli Zabar’s also sells fantastic and impressive gift baskets for the holidays.  Baskets are filled with an amazing assortment of crackers, fruits, jams, coffee, honey, fresh fruits, candies, and seasonal favorites.  The kosher baskets all contain products with reliable kosher supervision.

GKC loves Eli Zabar’s and we can’t wait for one lucky GKC winner to love them too! Submit to win a fantastic Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket just in time for Rosh Hashannah.

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Can’t wait to win? Order a basket today to share the Zabar’s love.

Kosher baskets are available for $150 and shipping is available nationwide.

87 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Eli Zabar’s Kosher Basket

  1. Zabars ! The epicenter of everything kitchen. I love to start out upstairs where I can browse the aisles for cokware, knives, tchochkes and serving pieces. There’s always something that I “need”. Then I make my way downstairs. The smells are heav enly. I seek out the kosher items and always find new additions to my pantry. Don’t forget the custom ground coffee section. I’ve been going there for 30+ years. I love Zabars!

  2. I live in Georgia, home to almost NO kosher stores! I would love, love, love to win this basket and sample the goodies. Then, if the goodies are good, I would order more online.

  3. I live in Minneapolis, and visit Zabar’s when I get to NYC- not as often as I’d like, but every 1-2 years. I wish I could just take the entire store and ship it back home (well, I’m sure they’d let me, but the shipping costs would begin to pile up….). Thanks for having this givewaway– I’m sure the blessed winner will be thrilled!!

  4. i loved reading the wine article today. but i’m mostly looking forward to reading about israeli and california wines. here in l.a. one of the best places to buy wine is “the cask” on pico.

  5. Ive heard so much about the gourmet items that Zabar’s has. Its difficult for me to get to the upper west side since I live far away from Manhattan. It would be a special treat to receive a basket.

  6. What a delicious win that would be! Zabars has everything from a to z, and aleph to shin. It would be a real treat. I could make some special High Holidays dishes.

  7. We used to love browsing thru Zabar’s when we lived in New York. Now we live in Jerusalem which is wonderful but there’s no Zabar’s.

  8. This basket of goodies looks wonderfully tempting. I have never been to zabars although most of my family members have and patronize it regularly. I know it has the reputation of being the best when it comes to foods and preps. I would love to win this and share it with my son and daughter in law as well as the many house guests they host for Shabbat and the holidays. Thank you for your consideration.

  9. The gift basket looks lovely and I would be delighted to win it. This being said, I was disappointed that Zabar’s was one if the few Jewish-owned upper westside stores that did sell their chametz over Passover.

  10. Who wouldn’t love to win this loot from Zabar’s?! Thank you for the Rosh Hashana recipes; I’m hopeful it will help me get my act together. L’shana tova!

  11. We love Zabar’s and visit every time we are in NY. My husband has their T shirt and every time he wears it, people approach him and talk about how much they love Zabars. We love their Babka and great cheese selection.

  12. Zabar’s – there aren’t enough adjectives to describe that store adequately. I’ve often felt if peace talks could take place over their babka and coffee everyone would be friends! I love this site — Sundays aren’t the same without GKC.

  13. I love Kosher Gourmet Cooking! Many of your delicious recipes have been served at our table and I also enjoy the reading the blogs. Every Erev Rosh Hoshana, I host a large family gathering and used your site last year to help come up with a unique and tasty menu. Today I plan to peruse the recipes and plan this year’s menu. Of course I would LOVE to win a Zabar’s Basket. I live in Memphis and although I have been to Zabar’s before, it is not often we have access to such wonderful kosher gourmet treats here. L’shana Tova!

  14. Zabars is an institution and one of a kind. I started hearing about the place when I was little and was able to go there often while living in NYC because my mom owned a retail store a few blocks away. Now that I live elsewhere, I don’t get there much. Friends who go to “the city” always stop there. Too bad Zabars can’t clone itself.

  15. Just watched again “you’ve got mail” with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks walking the aisle of Zabar’s. They have a great selection of kitchenware upstairs as well!!
    It’s a landmark to the upper west side.

  16. I wish we had something like Zabars in L.A. It is my dream store! In the meantime I will have to rely on your fabulous recipes to make my food taste like it came from a place like Zabars!

  17. Just hearing the name Zabars brought back memories from many years ago, growing up and living in New York. Even though I lived in Queens, I went to school in Manhattan and dormed there in the summer. Zabars was the place my friends and I went for the best food and delicacies in the city. The Zabars basket wouldn’t just be full of delicious food, but full of wonderful memories.

  18. The basket looks wonderful and I’d love to win it and start the year off in a truly sweet way and share the goodies with friends and family.

  19. Who wouldn’t love a basked of Zabar’s best! Anything they sell is top notch. Their kitchenware is a shopper’s delight for any cook and their
    selections for any food they stock whether packaged or fresh are always appetizing, delicious and the best in the food business. Shana tova to one and all and thank you for this wonderful site.

  20. Zabar’s is one unique place on earth, full of delicious morsels that I can’t find here in southern CA. How yummy just to think of the aroma!

  21. As a kid I’d go to Zabar’s with a couple of friends, put together a picnic and then head out to Central Park. 🙂 Definitely one of my favorite stores.

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