Giveaway: The New Bais Yaakov Cookbook

We got it! The new Bais Yaakov cookbook is everywhere and there is quite a buzz about it. Not only is it beautiful (photos by John Uher) but it is super easy to follow and almost every recipe requires ingredients that you already own. The recipes are simple versions of some very tasty food like Chicken Marsala, Duck a l’Orange, Herbed Tilapia in Lemon Butter, Caramel French Toast, Shitake, Beef, and Barley Soup, Pralines and Cream Semifreddo and much more.

Plus, and I think what is really special about this book, are the additional features. First, the book gives a thorough and compelling history of the Bais Yaakov movement. It also includes a challah recipe from Rebbetzin Kanievsky a”h and other recipes from Rebbetzin Braunstein. And especially interesting for kosher foodies, are the comprehensive guides in the back of the book for washing and checking fruits and vegetables, cooking meats and fish, and a lengthy guide to halachic questions in the kitchen. The book is not only a cookbook but a kosher guide for the kitchen.

Many thanks to Feldheim Publishers for sharing the book with one lucky GKC winner. And for sharing two more sneak peak recipes. To submit, tell us what interests you most about this book. We love hearing from our readers.

Chicken Shish Kebabs
Apple Buns

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136 thoughts on “Giveaway: The New Bais Yaakov Cookbook

  1. I have it and it is amazing. The recipes are fantastic. The back features are so incredibly helpful…the sorts of things you might run to the computer to check (how to clean a certain vegetable, etc.). I have found that some of the brachot for “difficult” foods (i.e., ice cream sandwich) don’t match with my Rabbi…so check. I have made a couple of recipes so far…and they are all great.

  2. I LOVE the fact that it’s more then just a cookbook.
    The inclusion of the kosher guide makes it a kitchen necessity! and it looks beautiful too!
    Would so love, so need and sooooo use this cookbook.

  3. I’m always looking for new kosher cookbooks. How nice that this one is from Bais Yaakov and is done so professionally! Kudos!

  4. I would love to win this cookbook…not for me but for a friend who is pining for it! She (and I) have heard amazing things about it.

  5. I enjoy reading through new cookbooks to build on the recipes I have, and get new ideas for feeding my family and friends.

  6. Just reading about this book makes it the perfect book for the kosher kithen.
    From what I havae read the recipes are different and sound really good. It is the most informational book on kosher cooking, a kitchen guide for keepping a proper kosher kitchen and answers the questions that have been asked for years.

  7. I would love to get a copy of this book,it’s not available yet in the U.K ,so waiting patiently…

  8. this cookbook looks amazing!! my niece goes to yeshiva ketanah and i would love to make some of these recipes for her. please please give it to me!

  9. Love that it is more than just a cookbook. The cookbook is supposed to be amazing. I already have it. Would love to give it to my mom who is such a special person and has given me a love for cooking and baking. We are always sharing recipes with each other

  10. I have non kosher cookbooks and kosher ones and it is so much easier to know that you will have the items on hand, not have to come up with substitutions and be able to use all the recipes. Sounds like this would be a great addition to any kosher cook’s library.

  11. Love the new Bais Yakov cookbook that actually show pictures of choshive ladies like Sarah Schneirer and others.

  12. I bought this cookbook for my daughter in Dallas last month and have been kicking myself ever since for not getting my own copy……and to make matters worse, every week she tells me about something wonderful she’s prepared from it…..please pick me!

  13. This must be an exceptional Jewish cookbook if it’s coming from Bais Yaakov. I would love to try the receipes, especially from Rebbetzin Kanievsky a”h.

  14. I would love to win this cook book. It seems to be more of a “complete” cook book than others, which will definitely be an asset in a kosher kitchen.

  15. Heard great things about this cookbook, and I would love to add to my collection. Thanks for the great site.

  16. Not necessarily impressed by the core curriculum of the Bais Yaakov, but it is quite the repository of cooking expertise. As a guy newly engaged in Shabbat cooking … this site has been welcome … A BY cookbook would be great …

  17. It looks beautiful… especially the pictures! And I can’t wait to try out the recipes :-).

  18. Always looking for new culinary experiences. I’m overwhelmed and appreciated by the slew of new kosher cookbooks.

  19. Always looking for new culinary experiences. I’m overwhelmed by and appreciative of the slew of new kosher cookbooks.

  20. i just found out i won the popbar giveaway, so thanks! i don’t want to be a schnorrer but i’d love to win the bais yaakov cookbook for my daughter 🙂

  21. would love to win—am cooking meals for shut-in’s who would enjoy new recipes and the variety the book offers.

  22. I loved cookbooks and use them all. This one looks great and I would love to win so I could make the recipes for my family and friends.

  23. This is a great site. I can’t wait to try the fries and dipping sauce. Thanks for making it easy to create delicious food. I hope to win the cookbook, as some of our recipes are getting old. It will also be interesting for my pastry chef daughter to see new recipes.

  24. I didn’t grow up cooking kosher so I have a lot to learn. This site helps me so much with ideas and the correct way to do things. I love getting new recipes so we aren’t always eating the same old thing. I would love to get the Beis Yaakov cookbook!

  25. I’d love to win this great looking cook book,moneys tight so really would love to win & share w/ friends

  26. I love that this cookbook includes halacha and cooking tips! The gorgeous pictures are a great plus too!

  27. Would love to have amazing recipes AND halachos for my kitchen all in one book! Please pick me!

  28. My sister skimmed through the cookbook and told me about the little side things added in. I could imagine that with all of the questions that come up when cooking…things that we need to ask a Rav, a friend, or our husband…it is so great to have halachos along the side of the recipes! Also, what better way to elevate your cooking to a more spiritual level-learning new things, or even reviewing things you already know, while cooking!

  29. Getting a copy of the new Bais Yaakov Cookbook would be a great way to get fresh new recipes to make for my family and friends — and to welcome new neighbors. It sounds amazing! I feel very enthusiastic about “digging” in to get fresh cooking ideas.

  30. The Bais Yaakov Cookbook caught my attention last week in Gift World (a Seforim and Judaica store in Kew Gardens Hills, Queens). The pictorial history of the Sara Schneirer / Bais Yaakov movement transfixed me to a period in my youth, when I attended Bais Yaakov and Camp Bnos. It warmed me to recognize some of the contributors to the cookbooks. In addition, Rebbetzin Kanievsky’s A”H personal Bracha and Challah recipe, contained within, would spur me to resume the Mitzvah of Hafrashat Challah. Last and most certainly not least, I not only marveled but was mesmerized by the layout, presentation, comprehensiveness and clarity of the Bais Yaakov Cookbook thanks to the exemplary work of Citicom, an unparalleled marketing firm and publishers of my most favorite Jewish weekly newspaper (i.e., the Flatbush Jewish Journal). The latter ensures unequivocally that I would be proud to own and will love the Bais Yaakov cookbook. Kudos to all who had a hand in the Bais Yaakov cookbook and, especially to Citicom. Chazak U’Baruch. I hope I am the lucky winner.

  31. This looks like an amazing cookbook, especially because it appears to contain so much more than recipes!
    I would love to add it to my library :0)