Featured Giveaway: Dash, the new cookbook by Torah Academy for Girls

Congratulations to TAG on the publication of DASH, their new cookbook that is both striking and enticing. The book is filled with inspired kosher recipes for the seasoned palate, like panko-crusted chicken with herb infusion and brisket with caramelized mustard seed, balsamic cipollini onions, and Mexican chocolate cupcakes with cinnamon coffee frosting (I tried these, super yummy!). I can’t wait to try so many of the recipes. And guess what? All the proceeds go to Torah Academy for Girls, so you don’t just get a new cookbook with tons of great recipes, but you can also do a mitzvah too. This book may DASH off the shelves so order one today.

Many thanks to GKC friends, Rebecca Naumberg and Sori Klein, who wrote and styled this book, for giving us a sneak peak and two chic and trendy recipes from the book. BTW, both women donated their time and talents to the book for TAG. The recipes are mostly from Rebecca’s highly regarded and private recipe collection and the art direction was Sori’s masterpiece.

French Macaroons with Three Fillings (yes, you’ve seen them at every party and now you can try and make them at home)
Mini Sweet Potato Latkes with Spiced Apple Cream (just in time for Hanukah)

And YES, GKC has one, only one, but one lucky reader will win a DASH cookbook. Submit to win but also buy one for $30 for a friend or relative.
To order, call 718 471 8444 or email cookbook@tagschools.org

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63 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Dash, the new cookbook by Torah Academy for Girls

  1. I am the first to comment and I have never won anything in my life! I should win this one!! Please?!?? 😉

  2. The Dash Cookbook has such an inviting and sophisticated cover.
    I am a long time collector of kosher cookbooks and love to challenge
    myself to make new recipes each shabbat.

  3. who cant use another cookbook?? i for sure can….cant wait to try the cipollinin onions…..i luv onions!!! congrats to tag!

  4. My favorite kosher cookbooks are all either school or synagogue compilations (with the exception of the Kosher Palate), so I’m very excited to see/use this one.

  5. Mini Sweet Potato Latkes with Spiced Apple Cream
    I am saving this recipe to make for Chanuka. Sounds absolutely delicious!

  6. I love every new gourmet kosher offering- this will make a smashing addition to my collection of kosher cookbooks! Thanks for all you do!

  7. I would love to have this one. My kids will love the recipes for sure. Thanks for all the good ideas you give us.

  8. Its so wonderful when schools do a fundraiser with cookbooks that are so up and coming. No need to feel “left out” of “gourmet kosher cooking” anymore. Recipes you mention are so “in” and products so readily available, that anyone can feel like a success in the kitchen! Living in Canada, these books are not so available, in fact havent seen any TAG books in the Jewish bookstores here, so I would definately love to own this one. Thanks for featuring it.

  9. I collect kosher cookbooks. Some of the best recipes are from school-sisterhood cookbooks. Would love to see some of the recipes!

  10. I would “dash” out and buy one, but first I will hope to win won and use the saved money to buy one for my kid’s teacher. It does make a great teacher’s gift, that is for sure.

  11. It’s party season and I’m so looking forward to “winning” a cookbook with recipes that not everyone else has! Pick me! Pick me!

  12. What great timing! My daughter in law just sent registration forms for my granddaughter to TAG since she will be moving to the Five Towns in a few months and because she heard it was a wonderful school with so much to offer. She was right with her choice! This cookbook by TAG mothers just proved it! What a wonderful welcoming gift this would be from you and them to her!

  13. It sounds fabulous! I would love to win a cookbook. Not only is my family tired of the same old recipes, I am tired of making them

  14. Love your site and emails. Would like to see more recipes for the GKC “weight watchers” like me – I’m sure there are many more of us among your subscribers.

  15. This is my “go to” site whenever I have questions about kashrut. We don’t keep kosher but do kosher style.

  16. Always exciting when a new Kosher recipe book comes out. Can’t wait page through this one and get inspired, whether I win or not!

  17. Seems no matter how many cookbooks I already own, I still want another one! Would love to win one instead of buy one for a change!

  18. I would love to see what this cookbook has to offer. The recipes on this website are delicious so if you’re advertising this cookbook it mus be a gem!

  19. How many cookbooks can any one Jewish woman own? The answer is not enough! I love to have new ways of cooking or baking the same “old” things. Our JCC (Merage in OC CA) has a cookbook but my son’s day school does not. I think this is a wonderful idea!

  20. I enjoy shul or organization cookbooks, since the recipes are from ordinary women. The recipes are usually user friendly without lots of expensive ingredients. Great givaway.

    • Hi Estelle-

      i just wanted to let you know that while the dash cookbook is fabulous, it is actually not a compilation cookbook, but mostly my recipes…. i would love to hear what you think!

  21. I am a proud owner of the last TAG cookbook which I use quite often and is fantastic. I can’t wait to have this one on my cookbook shelf . I am sure it will just as good if not better than the first. Great recipes from a great institution!

  22. I LOVED the old TAG cookbook. You could make any recipe and it was delicious! I really want this one!

  23. I enjoy your site a lot and look forward to reading it every week. It’s a great pleasure to try out new recipes and to check out new cookbooks.

  24. This cookbook looks so enticing. I am a stay home mom that loves to try new recipes, and community cookbooks are always great!! Can’t wait to add it to my collection, would love to be the lucky person who gets a free copy, please?

  25. Assuming cookbook is as exciting and creative as the cover, so would love to have to use and display in my kitchen. Carole

  26. a new cookbook is the best gift you can give me!! i love cooking and love trying new recipes i would love to win this

  27. Can’t wait to make and taste the recipies in this cookbook. Bet they will WOW my company! Would love to win a copy (and if not win, buy a few!).

  28. My daughter graduated TAG elementary & high school over 20 years & 10 children ago.
    She has lived in Yerushalayim for the last 23 years. I would love to send her this blast from her past.

  29. the recipes sound delicious. i’m always looking for something new for shabbos.

    i also want to say that i love your website. it is one of the best kosher cooking sites that we have found. and have tried many of your recipes.

    thank you.

  30. I always enjoy your recipes and many have become part of my weekly rotation, but I always love checking out new recipes!

  31. What a beautiful cookbook!! Would just love to try the exciting new recipes for my husband and marrieds.