Whirly Hanging Candle Holder

Last year I bought these whimsical spheres of clear handblown glass and used them for tea lights and flowers in the Succah. I hung them them with clear fishing wire so it gave the illusion of floating lights. At $3.95 each, they are an inexpensive way to decorate the Succah. Buy a few extra though, I did break a few while hanging them.
Available at CB2.com for $3.95 each

2 thoughts on “Whirly Hanging Candle Holder

  1. I thought this was a pretty idea. When my husband saw it, however, he mentioned that hanging something burning near the schach might not be such a good idea, even though the bulb is partially closed on top. Also, depending on where they were hung in the sukkah, hanging a rather solid object (even if holding flowers rather than a burning tealight) overhead might make some guests nervous.

    • Yes, you always need to be careful. I used them last year, the opening for the tea light is on the side and the top is covered in glass.

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