Succos is my favorite cooking holiday. For some reason, I feel the Succah is a perfect place to serve more ethnic menus and have a lot of fun with new foods. This year I tinkered with some old favorites and came up with some newer more gourmet versions for GKC readers. I think you will love the results and they will become your new “go-to” versions.

Mexican Meatball Soup
Gourmet Stuffed Cabbage with Veal and Sausage
Sweetbreads Braised in Wild Mushroom Broth
Wild Mushroom Barley
Roasted Pear Cake with Chocolate Sauce

What are you making? Tell us. Have a comment? Or a question? We love to hear from our readers.

Good Yom Tov
Elizabeth and Emuna

One thought on “Succos

  1. Sukkot in So. Calif. is very forgiving, so we like to barbeque-esp. CEDAR PLANKED SALMON-very simple and yummy. I also like to make Pumpkin Challah and a nice thick soup or Couscous stew. Hag sameach!!!

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