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Frozen Oreo Pie

This recipe, submitted by reader, Maya, has all the elements we like – it’s easy, it’s quick and it tastes great! Try it this Yom Tov for a refreshing and popular dessert.

1 chocolate cookie crust
1 small container of Rich’s Whip
1 package of pareve “Oreos” (chocolate sandwich cookies)

Cooking Instructions:
With a mixer, whip the Rich’s Whip until peaks point up. Crumble up a third to half of the cookies and mix in the Rich’s Whip until blended. With a spatula, spread the mixture into the chocolate cookie crust, smoothing the top. Break the leftover cookies in half and create a flower design on the edges for decoration. Cover and freeze. Let the pie thaw for about 15 minutes (or until slightly soft) before serving.