Frozen Oreo Pie

This recipe, submitted by reader, Maya, has all the elements we like – it’s easy, it’s quick and it tastes great! Try it this Yom Tov for a refreshing and popular dessert.

1 chocolate cookie crust
1 small container of Rich’s Whip
1 package of pareve “Oreos” (chocolate sandwich cookies)

Cooking Instructions:
With a mixer, whip the Rich’s Whip until peaks point up. Crumble up a third to half of the cookies and mix in the Rich’s Whip until blended. With a spatula, spread the mixture into the chocolate cookie crust, smoothing the top. Break the leftover cookies in half and create a flower design on the edges for decoration. Cover and freeze. Let the pie thaw for about 15 minutes (or until slightly soft) before serving.

2 thoughts on “Frozen Oreo Pie

  1. I have heard about this recipe from a few people but they said not to whip the whip and just defrost it and pour it in, add the crushed cookies and freeze. have you heard of this?

    • You can also do it that way. GKC feels that it comes out a bit creamier by whipping the cream first, but it is so easy and really tasty just pouring the pareve whip over the crumbled cookies and freezing. My kids make it that way.

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