Featured Giveaway: Silverbow Honey

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Each Rosh Hashanah GKC brings you a new kosher honey to try. We spend the year, searching, tasting, and identifying the yummiest kosher honey that we think you need to know about. This year, Silverbow Honey takes the prize. A family owned and operated kosher and organic honey company, Silverbow Honey has a large variety of honeys that we love. From honey bears, to premium raspberry honey, to blackberry blossom honey sticks, and my favorite, apricot creamed honey, Silverbow Honey has all the sweetness that you need for a sweet New Year. We are using the creamed honey on our Yom Tov table. Remember, creamed honey is whipped honey that through that process becomes a creamy spreadable sweet honey without any added cream or milk. Silverbow Honey is located in Moses Lake, Washington and has been making and harvesting honey since World War II. They are certified organic and kosher certified by Kosher Certification Service, a respected and accepted kosher certification.

One GKC winner will receive a fantastic honey package including, a Silverbow Honey cookbook, beeswax candles, a mug, a honey bear, a honey dipper, 100 honey sticks, raspberry honey, and a variety of creamed honey. Submit to win or if you can’t wait, order some today for your Rosh Hashanah table at
Silverbow Honey Co., Inc.
1120 East Wheeler Road
Moses Lake, WA 98837

Phone 1-866-44-HONEY
Fax 509-765-6549
Email customer.service@silverbowhoney.com

16 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Silverbow Honey

  1. I would love to try Silverbow honey in my Rosh Hashana Challa dough. I substitue 1 cup of creamed honey for 1 cup of sugar to make the dough sweeter and appropriate for the holiday. I also use straight honey in my whole wheat challah recipe for a perfect texture. Can’t wait to try your brand of both!

  2. When I used to live in western Massachusetts, there were several people who I knew that kept bees and made small batches of honey for friends and family. The taste was so incredibly pure and amazing. Since moving back to the “big city”, I’ve enjoyed many types of honey, but always looking for new ones to try. Would LOVE to try this one!

  3. Wow, the giveaway looks so interesting! I would love to present my mom with that gift for the chag – or at least split it with her 😉

  4. Would love to try Silver Bow honey along with our many symbolic foods for Rosh Ha Shana. My family shares symbolic foods from many Jewish cultures, including black eyed peas from Persian/Iranian Jewish culture, Apples & Honey from Ashkenazi Jewish culture, Carrots from traditional Hebrew linguistic sources, and raisins & celery from American Jewish culture.

  5. I would love this. I love trying different honey from different areas. I have used local honey, various specific flower honeys (tupelo, eucalyptis, cranberry flowers).
    i would love the chance to try this one!
    and i love the beeswax candles etc.

  6. I use honey in so many baking recipes, a few side dishes, and of course chicken. I would love to try this honey brand i haven’t seen here in los angeles.

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