Featured giveaway: Jack’s Gourmet Sausage

We told you about how much we like Jack’s Gourmet last week and now (drum roll please), the new GKC giveaway from Jack’s Gourmet sausages including 5 packages of sausages, 1 of each flavor and, yes, it has the popular Italian Sausage, and famous Boerewors (my personal favorite) plus a package of pastrami and corned beef. This is going to make one GKC family very happy. They are so flavorful and delicious that both adults and children will love them. The sausages are the first of their kind for the kosher market. Don’t forget to try them in all the soup recipes they shared with us. Of course on their own is fine too, but we love their ideas on how to make them special for the Yom Tov table in this recipe for Radicchio, Mango, and Pomegranate Salad with Sausage.

If you cannot wait to win, order them from Jack’s Gourmet and tell us how you like them.

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Contest Ends October 2nd, 2011 12:01 a.m. PST.

25 thoughts on “Featured giveaway: Jack’s Gourmet Sausage

  1. I’m, sure that we would enjoy Jack’s kosher gourmet products, I just wish that they were available at our local kosher supermarket..wesley kosher

  2. I love to serve my family 1 pot meals and sausage is a great way to make an economical meal that my family loves.

  3. I would love to try these in some soup recipes, like a tuscan kale and white bean with potato soup. The weather here is getting colder, and soup sounds sooo good!

  4. I am a subscriber and I follow and have tweeted.

    Thanks for the wonderful recipes! My family loves trying new things and you make that easier for me!

  5. such a shame for poor me, living all the way down in the very deep south, having no access to any of these delicacies, not even a decent bagel, much less meat!!! so i’m thinking, what a wonderful opportunity for Jack to do chesed and allow me to win this contest…..he & his family would even have a place to visit when it’s cold & snowy up there and warm & gorgeous down here…..just trying to convey the truth & win a contest 🙂

  6. Denise..(first responder)…I hope you know we ARE available at Wesley Kosher…and if you see the shelves are bare, please speak to the store manager or whoever takes care of the deli section about restocking.

    To all others who lament that local store don’t carry the products, PLEASE note you can order from us online. Even with the cost of shipping, our prices will usually be much lower that “outlying areas” will charge. Our products are shipped in insulated boxes, with sufficient ice packs, so with 2-day delivery they will arrive cold and safe. Please don’t feel denied just because you live where kosher stores are not abounding.

  7. We loooove Jack’s sausages. Iheard about them from a friend and couldn’t wait to try them. Each type was better thatn the next. We especially like the bite of the Mexican. I hope, hope, hope, we are winners!

  8. Jacks are our new favorite thing! My whole family loves them already, we tried them out a few weeks ago when our Kosher store started carrying them!

    We would LOVE to win this!

  9. If you can find them get them and stock up … i have the whole edition and theyre so easy to throw in a dish or make a dish out of them … im only married since march and these are my new best friends in the kitchen… im like “rachel ray” when i make this for dinner my husbands favorite dinner!!!!

  10. These look awesome, but I was always scared to try them at $10 per package. I would love to win these, I’m always looking for easy, gourmet options. I run a local advertising magazine, and I have a popular column about my family’s shenanigans. This would definitely make the cut as a newsworthy item… just sayin’. 🙂

  11. Last night, I combined Jack’s mild italian sausage links with roasted chicken with a vinegar sauce and potatoes. Everyone really liked the chicken. Everyone really liked the potatoes. Everyone really LOVED the sausages!

    Thanks Jack for coming out with such a great product!

  12. Thank you for introducing us to this product. Last time we had Kosher sausages was in LA and my family loved them!
    Now we are looking forward to trying these.
    Shana Tova everyone

  13. My family are already fans of Jacks Gourmet sausages. As ex South African we have had the borewors on the BBQ all summer! We love all the flavors! I’m going to try Jacks sausages in a kosher paella recipe I just saw! Yum!