Mixing Bowls

No kitchen is complete without a good set of mixing bowls – or in our case, 3 good sets of mixing bowls!! Although they now make great plastic, silicone and stainless steel bowls, I confess a partiality for ceramic ones. I can’t claim they’re the most practical choice – they chip, crack and break (why do you think I’m buying new ones?!) – but they are the most attractive for those of us who like to leave them out on the counter. I like mine readily available for all the myriad of mixing tasks that arise – not to mention that they take up lots of room in the cabinet. I know I have to replace my cracked Mason Cash fleishig ones soon but at the moment my chipped milchig ones are my focus and I found these cute and reasonably priced ones at zappos of all places! If you found some great and colorful ones somewhere else, please let me know. I think my pareve ones may be up for replacement soon!

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