Eggit!! Spray

Eggit is flying of the shelves of all the kosher markets! Eggit is the new, super easy way to shine up your breads and pastries. It’s all natural and works beautifully. When they say, “Spray it, bake it and let it shine”, they are absolutely right! I tried it last week on all of my challahs, some with crumble topping, some with seeds and some with just plain Eggit spray (none with brushed on, drippy egg wash and no more deflated challahs from the brush puncturing the challah dough and deflating it). Each baked up with a shine and a crisp, slightly browned top. No mess and very evenly distributed. The spray is strong and generous, use it a few inches away from the pastries or breads. GKC loves it and you should try it too. Not just for challahs, I’m using it on goat cheese squares, baked ziti, and spinach spanikopita this week. I used it on a lattice topped pie and sprinkled it with some coarse sugar. It worked so well for the shine and helped bake the sugar into the topping. My friend Debby, sprayed it on chicken cutlets, added salt and spices and wow! instant browned, flavorfull chicken. Go find Eggit in your local market and if they don’t have it yet, let them know that you would love to try it. It’s distributed by Eggit and can be ordered by the market at 516 371 0070.

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