Featured Giveaway: Kosher Elegance Cookbook

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Wait until you see this book. Beautiful enough to display on a coffee table and full of great recipes and food presentation, Kosher Elegance is a winner! For one lucky GKC reader it is for sure. The graphics, the photos, the size, the colors, all so extraordinary, this cookbook is unlike any other. The author Efrat Libfroind lives in Israel with her husband and five children and is an accomplished pastry chef and cooking instructor. She writes regularly for Hamodia and Binah magazine and guess what? She is a friend of GKC and would love to hear your questions and comments about her new book. She transforms any recipe into a work of art. Check out these images.

Have a question for her, ask us and we will get the answers directly from Efrat. In the meantime, submit to win or get a copy from www.Feldheim.com for $31.99.

56 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: Kosher Elegance Cookbook

    • Always looking for new recipes for my family who is demanding a little more variety!

  1. The pictures that you shared with us from this cookbook are stunning. I would love to have this cookbook to see all of her ideas and artwork

  2. Love looking at beautiful cookbooks every Friday night when my husband leaves to shul. My daughter and I discuss which fabulous recipe we want to attempt to make, this one looks like a winner-please pick us!!

  3. I’ve heard that this is the MOST magnificent cookbook- I would love to win it and spend the summer trying out the recipes.

  4. It’s beautiful…Just the cover and presentations are so appealing. I can only imagine the recipes tasting as good as they look. Many of us are great cooks, but presentation is not my forte. I would love to win this book.

  5. looks amazing & I’m sure tastes so, as well…. would love a copy.. thank you!

  6. I love cookbooks as a springboard for cooking ideas. This one would probably provide both recipe ideas and presentation lessons.

    Thanks for the weekly recipe emails!

  7. I know just the daughter I would share it with. She loves presentation as much as I love cooking.

  8. This cookbook looks beautiful, i would love to browse through it and think that maybe one day I’ll have the time to try some of the really complicated recipes.
    p.s. Love your site

  9. These recipes certainly look like the most elegant of kosher cuisine on the market. I would love to win this for my son and daughter in law who love to cook and really enjoy entertaining friends and family on a regular basis. This would certainly be a treat for them and the people who are invited to join them. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  10. this would be an amazing cookbook to add to my collection. Thanks for the opportunity

  11. My daughter and I enjoy cooking and baking together. We started when she was 2 years old! One of our hobbies is going through cookbooks together and making a list of all the new recipes we would like to prepare together. My daughter, who is 9 years old, helps grow food in our little garden that we use for preparing our meals. She also was a master at fractions when her class started learning them because of our baking together. We would love to prepare recipes together from this beautiful, elegant book.

  12. This is such a great cookbook to win, especially at this time of the year when there are so many simchas. One great recipe from this book would sure be a hit at my next sheva brachos! Gorgeous photos!!!

  13. Presentation is more important then people realize
    And the photos in this book ‘wet your appetite’ and make
    you want to try the recipes on your guests. Well done.

  14. These recipes look wonderful- it would be great to have the opportunity to see the rest of them! 🙂

  15. I enjoy receiving your recipes. They are easy to prepare and delicious to eat! Having this lovely cookbook will enhance my cooking efforts and a lot of people will have wonderful things to enjoy!.

  16. This would really challenge my culinary skills and bring me to a whole other level. I would love to win this beautiful cookbook!!!

  17. I cant decide based on all the previews if this book is too hard 🙂 But, I’d love to be able to look through the whole book!

  18. What a beautiful book! I would love to add this to my small, but growing collection- please:)

  19. Hi, I love all your recipes and this cookbook just seems to bring together all that you do. I would love to take any classes you may give in Israel. Please let me know. In the meantime, I would love a copy of your cookbook so I can include even more of your recipes in my files and add them to my family cookbook Im in the process of putting together. Thank you

  20. Another magnificent find for the Kosher home from GKC!!!!!Hope I’ll come up a “winner” (like your site!)

  21. These pictures look beautiful. Would love to add it to my cookbook collection!

  22. Every Shabbos deserves a touch of elegance. Would love to impress my guests with creations from this fabulous looking book.

  23. As a newly wed bride I’d love to win this book and impress my husband with the amazing recipes. Ps. I love gmc!!!

  24. This cookbook is right up my ally! I love cooking and I love plating and dramtic presentations, would love to win!

  25. My friend has this cookbook and at first it looked so intimidating. But as I perused it I saw many cool things that were simply and elegant. She is going to the country, so I hope to win my own copy!

  26. Would love to win a copy, I recently made my apartment kosher and am looking for new recipes to use when hosting Shabbos and holiday meals!

  27. This is THE most gorgeous cookbook I’ve ever seen!! Photography is incredible! Food almost jumps off the pages! This is a work of art!! Can’t wait for a copy! — Marie

  28. This looks lovely. I am always looking for new ideas to dress up the table with fancy foods. Hopefully some of these will be easy to put together with tools I already have in the kitchen? It makes me crazy when I see a recipe & then it says: use your silicone candy flower molds or some other incredibly specific item. My kitchen is just not big enough to have all those specialty molds & tools. Hope that cupcake pans, cake pans & the usual array of pots & pans will be OK for most of these recipes.