Cedar Planks for the Grill

It’s grill season! Which means super easy, super quick, and really flavorful meals. Most people are already familiar with grilling burgers, chicken and steak but many struggle with grilling fish. It can be a little trickier with temperature and making sure the fish does not stick to the grill. Cedar Planks are my most favorite fish-grilling tool (Yes, I consider them a grilling essential!). Planking fish (or chicken or burgers) infuses food with delicious smoky flavor. They are easy to use and many are even presoaked (check the package for complete instructions). My other great reasons to use them are:

– Cedar Planks hold delicate meats and fish which might fall apart if they were grilled directly
– The food is kept moist and does not burn
– Plank grilling requires less supervision of the cooking process allowing you to spend more time socializing with your guests
– No BBQ to clean afterwards!

They are available at Williams-Sonoma, Target, Costco, and even in some supermarkets during the summer. We recommend getting packages that have lots of flavor, like apple wood, hickory, and maple.

*** Most cedar planks just need to be submerged in water for 30 minutes so they do not burn on the BBQ and then are ready to use.

You can purchase cedar planks at
www.amazon.com – Set of 6 $17.95
www.williams-sonoma.com for $14.95

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