Yellow Cake Mix Hamantashen

This recipe was submitted by GKC friend and fan, Yael Seruya.

1 box Duncan Hines Yellow Cake Mix
1 cup flour
2 large eggs, beaten
2 tablespoons water, approximately

Filling Suggestions: Favorite Jams, poppy seed or prune filling (from can), chocolate morsels, white chocolate chunks, colored sugars, chocolate and rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, chopped candy bars, gummy bears, candy hearts, or any other fun treat you dare to try!

Coat two cookie sheets with shortening or vegetable spray. Preheat oven to 375 degrees. In large bowl, combine cake mix, flour, beaten eggs, and water until batter is well moistened, and holds together. If dough is dry and crumbly, add water a few drops at a time. (Hint: After starting with a fork, I used my hands to finish mixing and added one teaspoon more water.) On flour surface, roll out dough to one-eighth thickness. Cut circles with four inch round and/or two and one-half inch round cookie cutter or cup, to make both large and small hamantashen. Place circles on prepared cookies sheets and spoon fillings or candies in center of each. (Hint: the more you put in the center, the trickier it is to get folded corners to hold together during baking-but we do it anyway!)
Fold into triangles by pinching tops together first, then bottom. Make sure top corners of triangle lean inward over filling so they won’t come apart during baking. If dough is dry, moisten hands with a few drops of water while working or spray dough sparingly with water mister. After folding, sprinkle edges with more toppings or chocolates, as desired.
Bake for 5-7 minutes, until slightly golden. Do not over bake. Smaller hamantaschen take less time. Remove from tray to cool.
Servings: 10 four-inch, and 17 two-and-one-half inch from one batch.
Serving Suggestions: Eat and share all day on Purim!

7 thoughts on “Yellow Cake Mix Hamantashen

  1. One of my favorite Hamentashen recipes because of how easy they are to make – no one will ever know that they didn’t take forever to bake 🙂

  2. OK. First of all, the subscribers exclusive Hamantashen was a drop of a patchke, but ROCKED. Amazing and delicious. I was lazy and bought the oven proof apricot, chocolate or raspberry filling and they were great. I mixed apricot and raspberry together as a filling and they were really satisfying. Here is my question. Will this recipe work with a chocolate cake mix? Duncan hines is so moist and chocolate sugar cookies tend to be very dry. Anyone try it with that. Not as the filling, but as the actual dough?

  3. So I used the devil’s food mix.
    They taste yummy, but unlike regular hamantashen, you should note that these rise a bit and therefore leave space between them.

  4. HELP! Cake mixes were 18.25 ounces when this recipe was written. Now they are 15.25 ounces. How do I adjust the recipe?

    • Thanks for letting us know! I’d omit the water, and check the consistency before adding. You probably will need about 1 tablespoon.

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