Tallis from Galilee Silks

Sometimes GKC sees something that does not belong in the kitchen but is so beautiful and relevant to our lives that we must share it with you anyway. The products that Galilee Silks produces are these kinds of products. From hand-made and hand-painted tablecloths to tallisim and everything in-between their silks are extraordinary. Their vision and inspiration comes from the fact that the products are made in Israel, in the beautiful, green surroundings of the Galilee, and they are Judaic items related to Jewish holidays, customs and traditions. What a combination. The details and colors are a blend of the beautiful and the spiritual and could be hung as artwork. Galilee Silks agree of course but want their fans to see and feel Israel and the beauty of Judaism in each piece. From traditional to modern, they have something for everyone. Galilee silks is sharing a tallis (worth $300) with one lucky GKC reader. If you can’t wait to win, order one today at www.galileesilks.com. Don’t forget to see their tablecloths too, perfect for Passover at http://www.galileesilks.com/jewish-tablecloths-jewish-tablecloth-table-linen-c-52_29_44.html

To enter this extravagant giveaway, EITHER:
1. Comment and tell us which tallis you would choose and who you would give it to.
2. Blog about your favorite tallis with a link from Galilee Silk’s website on your website and send us the link.
3. Facebook about which tallis you like best and its link on Galilee Silk’s website and send us the link.
4. Tweet about it and send us the tweet, i.e. I love the Biblical Verce Tallit http://bit.ly/e4B7zE on Galilee Silks #GKCgiveaway gourmetkoshercooking.com

9 thoughts on “Tallis from Galilee Silks

  1. Shalom, I would love to win the Classic Wool Tallit (T15) in the blue & light blue. This I would keep to give to my bashert when we marry. Soon G-d willing! I could think of nothing more special than a Tallit from Yisrael! Sincerely, Susannah

  2. I would like to win the Classic Wool Tallit (T13) for my husband. Our anniversary is coming up and I would like to be able to give him something special and meaningful for our day.

  3. I think the all white tallit is classy and a classic. If I won the giveaway I would give it to my daughter who is studying to be a cantor. It would be special to see her wrapped in it on the High Holidays.

  4. I think that they are all nice and would love any one of them. I would keep it for myself since I lost the ones I had to a fire and am currenlty using one from the local temple.

  5. i also would choose the blue and white tallis to give to my bashert, whenever , and if i will find him.

  6. I love the Floral Blue Silk Talit highlighted in your wedding section. I think it would be a wonderful gift to my dear friend, Olamit Wolf ( from Australia originally and now my neighbor in Jerusalem) for her intended , Ron who is from the North of Israel not too far from the Galilee! They are to be married before Pesach and I know that she is intending to buy him a talit! It would be most significant because he has never owned a talit and the world of Torah is being exposed to him now. Sometimes slowly we must search our own backyards first and join hands to help one another…..
    My heart gleams with pride and happiness as these two special people have found each other in this second marriage for both of them and may they build happiness and a rich Torah life together. The blue sik talit conveys that sense of serenity enwrapping someone. The blue/ like the skies and heaven– is so comforting that I could picture my two friends wrapped under the chupah together with joy and ease. May Olamit and Ron build a bayit Neeman BYISROEL!

  7. The classic Tallis. For my beloved son when (G-d willing) he becomes bar Mitzvah. Beautiful!