New Kosher Restaurant Guide on GKC!!

How many times have you been travelling and desperately needed a complete list of kosher restaurants in the area? Or even just wondered whether any new kosher restaurants have opened up in your hometown? Most big cities will have some information available online for their kosher communities, but the hassle of having to look up a location’s individual list of kosher restaurants can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially since even if you manage to find that, you still won’t know whether you can trust the certification, or even if it’s any good.

Have no fear – Gourmet Kosher Cooking is proud to introduce our new user-friendly comprehensive Kosher Restaurant Guide!

Here are some of the helpful and unique features you’ll find in our guide:
o Search by state and city (USA and some countries like Canada and France – more international locations coming soon!)
o Certification/hashgacha information WITH contacts and phone numbers
o Meat vs. dairy status
o Short description of type of food
o Location and phone number
o Hours of operation
o Website
o Online menu where available
o User comments for reviews

Whether you’re looking for a kosher restaurant in NYC, New Jersey kosher restaurants, kosher restaurants in LA, Chicago, Boston, even far-off states like Nebraska and Kentucky – you’ll find a place to eat using our guide. And of course, if you find a great spot that’s not yet on the guide, let us know about it so we can continue to expand and include every option.

You’ll find the Kosher Restaurant Guide on the right-hand side of your Gourmet Kosher Cooking screen. You can start searching right away by selecting a state from the drop-down menu, or click the link to the main page of the guide. Don’t forget to leave your comments and reviews if you’ve tried one of the kosher restaurants on the list – we’re all curious to know what you think.

3 thoughts on “New Kosher Restaurant Guide on GKC!!

  1. The restaurant ‘A Cow Jumped Over The Moon’ in Beverly Hills, CA has closed its doors .
    However, the owner, Laurent Masliach has opened a new chic fleishig restaurant, ‘La Seine’ on the famous Restaurant Row on La Cienega Blvd. The restaurant is open nightly for dinner and entertainment.

  2. In late December, the owner of ‘Shiloh’s’ steakhouse on Pico Blvd. has opened a new dairy restaurant ”Twenty Six’ on Pico Blvd. The sleek and classy decor is very similar to Shiloh’s and the food is amazing!

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