Chocolate Truffles

You don’t have to celebrate Valentine’s Day to notice that chocolate is in the air!! (Well, flowers too but this is a cooking site!) I was debating whether to try my hand at some molten chocolate cakes or go for the more direct experience – Godiva, anyone (for chalav yisrael options, try Le Chocolatier. My favorite chocolates are usually the truffles (well, truth be told, I like the caramel and nut options also…) so I decided to save the trip to the store and try to make my own. It was a little messy but the results were worth it.

I made Mocha Truffles, Peanut Butter Truffles and Chocolate Truffles. After dipping in chocolate, truffles can be left alone or rolled in crushed nuts, coconut, sprinkles, cocoa, powdered sugar…

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Truffles

  1. i found a new product from israel to make instant chocolate balls (i think it’s the same as truffles) – just add water/oil/and optional liquor to the mix. It was really good! It’s called Kahan’s Kids, and was sold in a local Queens, NY kosher store.

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