Walder’s Vodka & Vanilla

Served as an aperitif or digestif, this liqueur was named “Best New Wine, Beer or Spirit” at the 2010 Kosherfest competition. Creamy and dairy free, this liqueur is infused with premium vodka and vanilla and delivers a taste sensation likened to a liquid vanilla ice cream with a kick. It was poured for attendees at Kosherfest following its award and was incredibly well received.

GKC served it to guests last Shabbos and all agreed, it was “creamy, luscious, decadent, and enjoyable on its own.” If you prefer it mixed we loved the Walder’s Snowball.

Walder’s Snowball
Walders Vodka & Vanilla
Sprite or 7UP

In a tall glass pour one part of Walders Vodka & Vanilla and two parts of Sprite or 7 Up, all at room temperature. The drink
will froth up just like a snowball.

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