Cooking Kosher Chicken With Wine

Chicken is a staple in any home, whether it’s a holiday, Shabbat, or even a regular weeknight. It’s the protein that everybody loves, is easy to cook, and tastes great with almost any flavoring. And for the kosher consumer, kosher chicken it’s one of the easiest things to find in any local supermarket. As for how to prepare it, you can find thousands of kosher chicken recipes in cookbooks and on the internet. Unfortunately, sometimes too much choice can make it difficult to differentiate between all the recipes, and make a decision as to what to actually make for supper. As a result, many people (myself included) end up making the same old chicken recipes over and over again. (Anyone else guilty of throwing apricot jam on the chicken and calling it a “glaze” every other Shabbat?)

This week, I wanted to try branching out a bit within the world of kosher chicken recipes, and explore one of the best culinary combinations known to mankind: chicken and wine. A bottle of red or a bottle of white – it all depends upon your appetite. Here are some tips for cooking kosher chicken with wine:

1. Don’t cook with wine you wouldn’t drink. That doesn’t mean you have to buy an expensive bottle, but try staying away from “cooking wines” – they are usually pretty salty, and have other additives in them.
2. Use the right amount. Wine generally works to intensify and enhance the flavor of your dish, but too much can mask it. Use a small quantity, (just follow the recipe!) and you’ll be fine.
3. Don’t add wine too late. If wine is added to the chicken recipe too late in the cooking process, it will end up tasting harsh rather than harmonious with the dish.
4. Keep it to one dish. When cooking with wine, don’t use it in more than one dish per meal. It can get monotonous.
5. Red vs. White: In general, use red wines for meat dishes, red sauces, and soups with root vegetables. Use white for fish, creamy and light sauces, and sweet desserts. Both are great for kosher chicken recipes!

Here are a couple of great chicken and wine recipes for you to try:
1. My Favorite Breaded Chicken with Marsala wine
2. Artichoke Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms
3. Chicken Francese
4. Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts

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