Kosher Stuffing – There are No Limits!

It doesn’t get any stranger than this – Marilyn Monroe’s stuffing for a “Jewish Thanksgiving”?? We removed the cheese and simplified it slightly. Now this kosher stuffing recipe, originally featured in the New York Times, can work for any home.

But almost any stuffing can be made into a kosher stuffing – particularly all those sausage stuffing recipes; there is such a great variety of kosher sausages available today that it seems a shame not to take full advantage of them. In Los Angeles, we are particularly spoiled by the presence of Jeff’s Gourmet ( – unfortunately he doesn’t ship across country – where we can purchase a large variety of freshly made sausages including Smoked Chicken Apple, Chicken Cilantro, Mergez, Turkey Italian, Veal Bratwurst and Polish, to name a few! But for those of you who are in colder climates and less privileged, there is now a large variety available in your local freezer section. Check out Neshama Sausages ( They also have many different flavors of sausage, including Breakfast Delight, Mild Italian, Smoked Andouille, Southwest Style, and Mergez – and they can be ordered online. Now your kosher stuffing possibilities are endless. Try this recipe but don’t limit yourself; play around online and try adapting a non-kosher one on your own. Send us the results; we’d love to try it.

Marilyn’s Stuffing

Sausage and Apple Stuffing

One thought on “Kosher Stuffing – There are No Limits!

  1. Can’t decide which stuffing to make – this must mean I have to make 2! I’d like to make a sausage stuffing (Oh to be in L.A., going thru Jeff withdrawals, I want the roast beef au jus sandwich!) Do any of the commercial ones have the “ability” to be crumbled? If anyone knows, I would so appreciate the info!
    A Good Thanksgiving and wonderful Shabbos to all! Ellen

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