MIU Nonstick Baking Liners

GKC has promoted Silpat mats many times so it’s no secret that we love silicone baking liners. This week I found a great deal on a great product so I must share it with you. MIU baking liners are exactly like Silpat and are perfect for every home baker. I use these non-stick liners in place of parchment paper for all my baking including cookies, challah, caramel, and even under roasted vegetables. The amazing part is that they are so reasonably priced. This week Costco in New York has them for $19.99 for three pieces. Costco.com has two pieces for $22.97, which is still half the price of Silpat. For GKC readers who find them outside of NY, please let us know so we can tell our readers where you got a great deal.

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