Silver Plated Honey Bee Jar

This is a fantastic item. How do I know? I have one myself. Actually I have the sterling silver version that had to be imported from France and requires a lot of polishing…This piece is easier to acquire and looks great on any Yom Tov table – both elegant and whimsical. It charms adults and children alike. And, at this price, it is also a terrific hostess gift. I promise you’ll be invited back next year if you bring it (and if your kids behave!) To purchase, please go to our SHOP. I personally like to have a whole collection of honey pots and jars to intersperse throughout the table. I’m always look for new ones – glass, ceramic or silver; unusual, traditional, classy or just plain fun – let me know if you have any suggestions.

7 thoughts on “Silver Plated Honey Bee Jar

    • I will keep my eye out for it but many sterling silver stores in NY carry it. Its a very popular item this time of year. I will ask around at the stores locally.

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