New Kosher Wines for the New Jewish Year

Several wines have arrived stateside just in time for Rosh Hashana & Succot.

5771 is almost here and with it arrive new wines from Australia, Italy, France and of course Israel, not to mention California.

Australia is famous for their Shiraz (elsewhere often known as Syrah). Yet for many years the kosher Shiraz available in the US have typically been “value” wines, those that are nice table wines but do not quite qualify as premium and rarely garner high scores from the critics. Harkham winery is looking to change that with their Harkham Shiraz, new to the US market. Densely colored with rich fruit flavors and spices, keep your eye out for this bottle with the slick black and silver label.

Italy has a long history of making great wines, especially wines that go well with food. Despite this history, only a few of the best kosher Italian wines have ever found their way stateside. However new wineries have been contracted to produce kosher wines and the results have been clean, fresh and affordable wines that wonderfully compliment cuisine. Recently released for the first time is the Ovadia line of Italian wines. The Ovadia Chianti, priced at about $15 is a very nice example of an Italian village wine. The Ovadia Barbera d’Alba is a few dollars more and has appealing berry characteristics. Finally, the Ovadia Morellino di Scansano presents a wine from a lesser-known region that with its juicy fruit and fresh acidity is a great compliment to meat, chicken or fish.

When people think of French wines, the great Bordeaux usually come to mind. There is certainly no shortage of great red wines hailing from France, but sometimes an unexpected pleasure can be derived from wine where one least expects it. In this case, from the Rhone region of France comes the Beaumes de Venise Muscat, a white wine that adds complexity and food friendliness to your every day Moscato. Its balance between sweetness and acidity make the Beaumes de Venise a great pairing for salad, gefilte fish or even spicy food such as Moroccan fish or Chinese food. It of course can also be enjoyed with or in place of dessert.

For more new wines keep watching this spot…

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