VillaWare Uno™ ProPress Contact & Panini Grill

This is the ultimate traveling machine for kosher families. It’s great for breakfast – toasted bagels or waffles, omelets and French toast – lunch or dinner -grilled cheese, warming pizza and amazing Panini sandwiches or grilled fish. We take it everywhere, plug it in and are ready to go. It is easy to clean and store. I love this because it heats the top and bottom of the food simultaneously so the cheese or the interior of the food really cooks through. And for dessert my kids love dessert Paninis or warmed chocolate chip cookies. Imagine -real food while you travel this summer! Get one in our SHOP for $121 and join the fun and amazing treat of eating well while you travel.

The floating pro-press hinge grills foods up to 3″ thick! Utilizes the same pro-press handle as commercial restaurant Panini grills. Cook healthy too! Fats drain into external cup. Features large 11″ x 9″ Grilling Surface, Adjustable Temperature Control For Precise Grilling, Nonstick Coating For Easy Cooking And Cleanup, and 1400 Watts Of Fast Cooking Power. Highly polished die cast aluminum housing. On/off & ready lights. Three-way cord wrap for storage. Stands upright for space saving storage. 1400 watts. 1 year warranty on parts & labor.

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