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Kookie Kake Plates, available at cakeplates.net are beautiful and whimsical and so creative! Each one-of-a-kind plate, designed and created by Gail Hochman is great to look at and it’s fun to try and figure out where each piece, the cake top and base, came from. She started the business after numerous friends asked if they could purchase her specialty plates. Gail creates the cake plates by finding magnificent plates and interesting and often unusual items to use as the bases. The results are Kookie Kake Plates, an artistic table, and a great way to show off any cake.

Lucky for GKC, Kookie Kake Plates has one of our favorite plates, called Kitchen Floor, ready to give to one of you. To check out their other designs and purchase one, go to www.cakeplates.net.

45 thoughts on “Kookie Kake Plates

  1. These are much more interesting than the traditional glass or crystal plates that we’re all used to – very modern and colorful, which adds a really festive touch to the end of a meal.

  2. These plates sure are pretty and very useful too. I would love to display one of my delicious desserts (from a recipe from Gourmet Kosher Cooking) to my company at my next dinner.

  3. Beautifuly plates! I bake with me kids every week for shabbos and were always trying to come up with different ways to serve it at the table These plates are defintely unique!

  4. I had already started boiling water for pasta ( but with no recipe planned), when I opened today’s post and found the eggplant/pepper recipe. Since I already have all the ingredients in the house, I’m making enough to share with my neighbor. The Kookie Kake Plate designs are brilliant!

  5. I just found a wonderful recipe for Baked Salmon with Blackberry Ginger Glaze. We are having a family get together when my son and his family come for a two week visit from Israel. This will be a perfect dish to serve. Thank you.

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