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One of the pleasures of this job is searching for new great products, beautiful items that are both functional and decorative for our homes and tables. Although I can’t own them all, sometimes just looking is the most fun (sometimes!) I recently found these great cake stands (okay, I have a weakness for a beautiful cake stand and own far too many already!) – with brightly painted vintage candlesticks as the pedestals and hand-finished Corian disks as the plates. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be purchased online through If you buy one, you have to promise to lend it to me…

7 thoughts on “Gretel Cake Stand

  1. Love the Gretel Cake Stand(& most of your other offerings for entertaining)any chance of finding other such great finds at a little better price point?

  2. I couldn’t find them on the web site…I tried searching for cake, stand, pedestal…a specific link would really be helpful!

    • Sharon,
      thanks for your interest. I can’t seem to find it either; I have contacted the company to see what happened to it and I will let you know!

  3. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the interest in the mini-pedestals! We are offering them on pre-sale on our website; they are available on Nov 15th. We only have about 40 for sale.

    Since they are vintage brass candlestick holders we are limited by what we can find in the second hand stores. And I know that the price may seem a bit steep, but the quality of these guys is top notch. It’s really difficult to show in a picture, but when you have one in your hand it’s like “Oh, I get it.” 🙂 The top is corian and the base is powder coated (so it’s bound never to chip).

    -Jamie Iacoli
    Iacoli & McAllister

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