The Ultimate Tiramisu from Bari Restaurant

By Chef Carlos Montoya, Bari Restaurant

5 eggs yolk
3½ ounces sugar
8 ounces chocolate pudding
4 egg whites
12 fl. ounces hot espresso coffee
1 fl ounce frangelico liquor
1 fl ounce coco dejava liquor
1 fl ounce godiva liquor
14 ounces lady finger cookies
7 ounces dark chocolate, shaved
9 ounces cream, softly whipped cocoa powder

In a mixing bowl, beat egg yolks and sugar until thick and pale then split egg mixture in half.

Stir 8 ounces of chocolate pudding into one half of egg mixture, then 8 ounces of vanilla pudding into the other egg mixture. Make sure both are well combined.

Whisk egg whites to soft peaks, split in half and fold etc half into separate egg yolk mixture. You should have 2 separate bowls, one with chocolate pudding and egg and another with vanilla pudding and egg.

Place a 9½ inch x 1¾ inch cake ring on a paper lined flat tray.

Combine coffee, frangelico, coco dejava, godiva in a bowl. Dip half the lady finger into this mixture, ensuring they don’t become totally saturated, and arrange in a radial pattern inside the ring. Cover with the chocolate pudding mixture and sprinkle liberally with half the shaved chocolate. Repeat layers with remaining lady finger, vanilla pudding mixture and shaved chocolate. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

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