The Princess Collection


The Princess Collection by Alan Lee
Two winners this week!!!!!


This elegant dish from the Princess Collection by Alan Lee is perfect for dips, horseradish, candy, or berries. The sparkle on the stem is a showstopper on every table. We love and personally own pieces from this collection and can’t wait to share them with you.
The full collection includes magnificent stemware, cake plates, serving pieces, bowls and trays.


The Princess Collection from Alan Lee features the finest in handmade tabletop accessories and the most breathtaking gifts and selection of home décor. It is available in diamond and black diamond and is sold in upscale and designer stores like Neiman Marcus. GKC is lucky enough to have not just one, but we have enough for TWO winners this week!

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The Princess Collection is coming soon to our shop to purchase.

35 thoughts on “The Princess Collection

  1. I would love to serve on these dishes! They are so elegant and beautiful!

  2. Another gorgeous selection by gourmetkoshercooking. I am not surprised!

  3. If I’d own this set I’d go the extra mile to make something special often just so that I can display these items…They’re incredibly elegant looking! Hope they become mine to present….

  4. I let someone borrow my trifle bowl and it broke so i never got it back. It would be so nice to get a free replacement!!

  5. I absolutely LOVE the princess collection, I am already imagining making a trifle in the deep bowl and a lovely decorated cake to serve from the cake stand. I entertain often so pretty pieces like this get put to a lot of good use in our house!!

  6. wow! this bowl would be great for all the delicious bowls that i make!!! ooohh and the trifle bowl! that would look lovely for desserts!

  7. you could feel like a real “princess” serving in these pieces. they are elegant but not to over the top.

    very nice!

  8. This is is a beautiful gift, would be a great idea for a housewarming or engagement party! Chag Sameach!

  9. A trifle bowl would be perfect! It just looks so much nicer in a bowl rather than plastic cups!

  10. Is this contest still open? These are beautiful pieces–would like to see it on my Shabbos table!