Spring is Here!


I love this food trend!

Spring is here! Finally I can go into a frozen yogurt store and not wonder what’s wrong with me that I’m eating something frozen while there’s snow on the ground (for all you Southern Californians, snow is a white water-based flake that falls from the sky and covers the ground looking beautiful but of no redeeming food value. However, you can knead it into a ball; and throw it at your kids or husband, very therapeutic… But now that spring has sprung this California alum needs no excuse to enjoy her yogurt. And the exciting news is that last year a new food trend took off and I have to say I am extremely grateful. Sweet, tart, plain frozen yogurt has made it to the big leagues! Its been served for years in Bloomingdales in NYC but recently has popped up in specialty yogurt stores around the country as the featured item. And I will forever be grateful to the Pink Berry chain. Yup, I have harkaras hatov to a treif yogurt store because its incredible success has triggered yogurt stores, including kosher yogurt stores to pick up the trend. Locally, in Cedarhurst, we have Berrylicious, and Cravings who both serve it and in LA, I just had it at Toppings in Beverly Hills. For some this tart, creamy yogurt, with only a hint of sweetness is too strange but I say try it with chopped strawberries, berry sauce, granola, or chopped nuts. Now that is the perfect breakfast or lunch (or anytime snack of the decade). My husband is convinced that there’s a defect in my DNA for choosing plain/tart over chocolate (or any other flavor for that matter), but he’s just one of those that can’t understand why God bothered with any flavor other than chocolate … Trust me, find some tart yogurt, add the topping of your choice and apologize to no one. Spring is Here!!

One thought on “Spring is Here!

  1. Elizabeth –

    Now that I know that we share the same taste in yogurt, we need to go on an outing to Berrtlicious.

    Esther Weinstein

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