Pass the Chocolate – Now!


My husband feels it’s important not to let a day go by without eating chocolate, preferably with a cup of coffee. He is constantly forwarding articles to me that extol its recently discovered health benefits – antioxidants, possible lowered blood pressure, increased endorphins which give a feeling of pleasure (I didn’t need science to tell me that!), serotonin which acts as an anti-depressant (I didn’t need a sophisticated study for that either!) and so on. He is even on the cutting edge; unlike me who thinks the creamier the better, he prefers the dark chocolate which is considered healthier and is certainly trendier. But he’s wasting his time and energy. There’s only one reason to eat chocolate everyday – it tastes good!! Eat it alone (a piece of a bar) or try one of our recipes. The main advantage of the information my husbands sends is that we can now indulge (in small amounts) and actually feel virtuous doing so!

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