Featured Giveaway: A Gourmet Gift Tower from Kosherline.com

Gourmet Pastries from Kosherline.com

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Contest Ends April 24th, 2010 12:01 a.m. PST.

Perfect for the upcoming Mother’s Day holiday is a tower of gourmet delicious treats from Kosherline.com. The gift tower includes 1.5 lbs. of Bella Delights’ exclusive Italian Cookies, Fudge Balls, and Chocolate Treasure Brownies.

Kosherline.com is a family-owned and operated online store that features over 100 products and gourmet gift baskets. The baskets are color matched and themed for all occasions, including Jewish holidays, birthdays, corporate events, condolences, teacher thank you gifts and so much more. The baskets include unique gourmet kosher items (all certified kosher) from around the world. Kosherline.com delivers nationwide. They include to Canada. Go to Kosherline.com to find the perfect gift for your mother or for any occasion.

The gift tower is under OK strict supervision. Parve. Pas Yisroel and Yoshon.

42 thoughts on “Featured Giveaway: A Gourmet Gift Tower from Kosherline.com

  1. Love the reminder that Shavuos is on the way. The roasted garlic vinagrette sounds delicious. How do you get the roasted garlic, do you make it yourself, or can you buy it prepackaged?

  2. I thought after Passover I wouldn’t want to look at sweets and treats, but this is so beautifully and appetizingly put together, who could resist?

  3. Love your recipes and your web page.
    It is such a delight to see all these wonderful things to
    make and eat.
    Thank you

  4. My mom deserves the best and this definitely looks like the most wonderful and delicious package of wonders. I hope I can present this to my mom this Mother’s Day!

  5. This is a wonderful thing you are doing in giving away something so nice. My mother has been through a lot so she deserves something like this. Thank you for telling me about it. I appreciate your wonderful website, the time that goes into it and your recipes! Thank you! Have a splendid day!

  6. This site is the BEST; i have long been looking for a site that offers gourmet food for Kosher consumption…my non Jewish colleagues at work are impressed with the taste of KosherGourmet!

  7. Wow! What an amazing thing to do! With all the great recipes your site offers, everyone should be thrilled with just that. But also, having giveaway and such amazing looking ones at that. Thank you for producing such a great website. Every Mother would be thrilled with such a gift I am sure.

  8. I am loving this site – I found it just in time for pesach this year and boy did our family benefit! Thank you so much! We can’t wait to start planning the menu for shavuot!

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