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Every once in awhile I find a cookbook that is both engaging enough to read like a book and inviting enough to try some of the recipes. The pages and recipes from “Chocolate A Love Story, 65 Chocolate Dessert Recipes from Max Brenner’s Private Collection” by Max Brenner (artwork avant-garde and amazing by Yonatan Factor) are so mouth-watering that I don’t know which one I like the most or how to make it all without gaining too much weight. Nostalgic dark chocolate cheese crumb cake, Spy-thriller chocolate Black Forest Cake, Heaven-on-earth cocoa tarte tatin… are you drooling yet? Not only does GKC have a SIGNED COPY of Chocolate A Love Story but we will also give you a sneak peak at a recipe in our upcoming Shavuot section next week.

Max Brenner is the famous “Israeli Bald Man” who is a revolutionary in the world of chocolate. For Max, chocolate is associated with different aspects of life and a symbol of contradictory emotions. His quest for passion, romance, and meaning has inspired highly imaginative chocolate recipes and treats. He opened his first tiny chocolate workshop in 1996 where he chatted with customers while mixing and tempering chocolate in an open space. The intimate stories shared in this workshop became the spark for his chocolate creations. Today he is known around the world for his innovative chocolate creations, signature chocolate pizza (the recipe is in the book!), and, let’s not forget, his hug mug hot cocoa (designed to keep your hands warm while drinking rich warm cocoa).

To purchase the book or to try his chocolates (make sure to check and purchase the luscious selections that have the hecksher from Bet Shemesh), go to or visit his stores nationwide, in Israel, or in Australia.

37 thoughts on “Chocolate A Love Story

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Now I’m excited to see that you also have giveaways! Are people living in Israel eligible? I hope so because I LOVE CHOCOLATE 🙂

  2. chocolate cookbook sounds yummy. would love to win. I am reaaly enjoying this website. If possible could you include a glutenfree cheesecake recipe with your shavuos recipes? Thanks so much!

  3. anything chocolate is for me! looking for a recipe for chocolate dipped cheescake lollipops , any leads would be appreciated 🙂

  4. Chocolate – A Love Story: Well, isnt’ that a redundency?! I could never have enough chocolate cookbooks!!

  5. I love your website! Thank you so much for the dairy free cheesecake recipe for those of us with lactose intolerance! By the way, I love dark chocolate and would love to win this!!!!

  6. That cookbook looks great! Always looking for delicious parve, nut free recipes.
    Thanks for such a great resource.

  7. Chocolate!!! yummy! I love baking with chocolate and even better eating it! Can’t wait to see this book and start baking!

  8. I am a chocoholic – could probably cut everything from my diet, except for chocolate & would love to win this cookbook.

  9. A cookbook dedicated to chocolate! How wonderful. And those pictures on the homepage really make my mouth water.

  10. max brenner is the hotest name in chocolate in isreal!! i love your website..the recipes, the comments and the pictures…thank you for adding to kosher cooking in this way!

  11. I feel like I have been missing something- now I need to go find where to buy this chocolate!

  12. This website is such a brilliant idea bringing all traditions and communities together, I love it. As for Max Brenner Chocolate, there is nothing that compares, he is a true legend……. would love his book.

  13. We can never get enough of Gourmet Kosher Cooking OR chocolate.

    Please keep them both coming-they are a part of the comfort arsenal

    we all depend on each day. Thank you!

  14. I love always looking for new recipies..especially sugar free chocolate ones..thanks.

  15. I LOVE making desserts. And others love eating them, but even when I’ll do something fantastic with lemons, apples or what have you, there is still that feeling in the room: “Nothing chocolate??”
    I’d love to win this one.
    Hope it works!


  16. Chocolate is artistic, and you need to be creative when you think about how you want to use chocolate.. it’s not just about chocolate brownies or fudge. This book may very well bring out the artist in all of us!

  17. Mmmmmmmmmmm chocolate – do you know how much having new chocolate recipes will endear me to my husband for our anniversary?