Frogs Salt and Pepper Shakers from the Quest Collection


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Once again the Quest Collection has created the perfect piece to accent your table. This time it’s your Passover table that will sparkle. These beautiful Salt and Pepper Shaker frogs are made of gold-plated pewter, hand-painted enamel and accented with Swarovski crystals. Both artistic and functional, they catch the attention of everyone at the table and maybe even inspire some more questions.

If you cannot wait to win these and want to buy them now (who can blame you, they are so cute), purchase them or other items from the Quest Collection, at Shalom House, $135.

60 thoughts on “Frogs Salt and Pepper Shakers from the Quest Collection

  1. I love your new passover recipe site. Can’t wait to try some of the great recipes.

  2. I love getting the weekly recipes!! I look forward to checking what new recipes are posted

  3. My husband is always in search of more frogs at the table to excite the kids… at least these serve a function..although I’m not sure how much I’d like to have them spit into my soup! Very cute. Thanks for all the organized and delectable looking recipes!

  4. These frogs are fabulous! I collect salt and pepper shakers, and I would definately use these for Pesach! And the pesach site is so great! I can’t wait to use some of the recipes! We don’t eat gebrokts, so I am always looking for new ideas to enliven my cooking for “chag ha-Potato” Keep up the good work, its a true pleasure to go through all the recipes and more! Be well and take care. And Emunah,may HKBH grant Rena a Refuah Shlaymah B’Karov

  5. Quest Gifts are just beautiful! I just purchased a wine cup from them, so unique!

  6. How cute! These would go perfectly with my salt water dish that has a little frog in it also. Love the site, Ladies. Elizabeth, I always love chatting and hearing how it’s going. Can’t wait to try some new recipes this Pesach.

  7. I collect salt & pepper shakers and these would make a lovely well as a lovely addition to my Pesach table.

  8. Have not had the time to be on the site in a few weeks, im so excited to see that there are pesach recipes! now i just hope i have the time to plan a little in advance….

  9. These frog salt and pepper shakers are sooo cute. They would certainly look better on my seder table than the plastic frogs that I currently out on the table as decoration! Looking forward to trying some of the recipes to ‘jazz up’ my standard seder menu!

  10. We are collectors and i have to admit, we don’t have these frogs. They would be perfect on so many levels. Happy cooking everyone.

  11. These salt and pepper shakers would look great on our seder table. They are so cute!

  12. Thanks for the great Pesach recipes! We are using so many of them this year!!!!

  13. I am enjoying the recipes on your site. I love to format of Shabbat recipes and holiday recipes and especially the health and nutrition. I can’t wait to make some of the Passover recipes. Thanks for keeping me creating new dishes!

  14. LOVE the Pesach recipes !Always looking for new ideas….especially desserts! Keep them coming!

  15. These are so unique- a great conversation piece! Looking forward to trying some new recipes.

  16. The frogs are great. I have a ceramic bowl lined in frogs and would love to display the frog salt and pepper shakers with it!

  17. I am looking forward to making many of the Passover recipes listed. Some of them actually look too good to only use once a year so I plan on trying them out on some guests this Shabbos.

  18. this is so cute
    what a great idea for the pesach table

    I love this site – we made some great recipes from the “kids” section – my kids loved making them and eating them


  19. I adore the frog salt and pepper shakers. i’ve had a growing collection of frogs on our seder table since the children were small. now, they have names for all the frogs, even though the children are grown. it makes the table fun for everyone.

  20. Those frogs are too cute. Love your site, have made a few recipes and really enjoyed them.

  21. I am a new e mail subscriber. I just found your site and am thrilled! Can’t wait to go through it and see all that is available.

  22. Frogs are beautiful! I hope these come to my table to try some of your great recipes . . .