Frogs Salt and Pepper Shakers from the Quest Collection


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Contest Ends March 21th, 2010 12:01 a.m. PST.

Once again the Quest Collection has created the perfect piece to accent your table. This time it’s your Passover table that will sparkle. These beautiful Salt and Pepper Shaker frogs are made of gold-plated pewter, hand-painted enamel and accented with Swarovski crystals. Both artistic and functional, they catch the attention of everyone at the table and maybe even inspire some more questions.

If you cannot wait to win these and want to buy them now (who can blame you, they are so cute), purchase them or other items from the Quest Collection, at Shalom House, $135.

60 thoughts on “Frogs Salt and Pepper Shakers from the Quest Collection

  1. Great website, very organized and pretty! thanks for the contest! I love Quest products! just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  2. you have fabulous recipes that are very easy to make and use ingredients found anywhere! your menus are very helpful and give enough food for leftovers.

  3. The salt shakers are so cute. Thanks for publishing Pessach recipes. Who can’t use a few more?

  4. I love the salt shakers. Thanks for the Pessach recipes. Who can’t use some more?

  5. Love the frog salt & pepper shakers.Would love to win them for my son and his wife who for the past 10 years have been hosting the most fabulous seders for family and friends. They have 30-40 people for both nights and encourage all to participate with fun games (Passover Jeopardy and the like) and full costume plays written and performed by all the children there. There are never less than 15 kids from the ages of 3 to 15 at our table for the duration of the seder. They do this amazingly well with a houseful of relative, children and adults, living at their home for the entire holiday. The food by the way is always bountiful and delicious thanks to many of the recipe on