Magnificent Purim Baskets from the Gift Box


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The Gift Box has been creating gorgeous Purim baskets and corporate gifts for over 15 years to clients all over the world. The elegant arrangements include a variety of crystal, sterling, elegant serving pieces or gift items, and are filled with gourmet chocolates, crackers, and wine. Each basket is adorned with magnificent ribbons, tulle, and flowers to your liking. I have personally worked with this company for five years and their gift baskets have always impressed the recipients. Visit the to view the various Purim baskets they have available at all different price levels.

49 thoughts on “Magnificent Purim Baskets from the Gift Box

  1. I love these mishloach manos baskets because of the gift inside. Once the sweets are eaten. the receiver will be left with a beautiful gift.

  2. Love your website!

    It’s so nice to have an alternative to cook books and to read people’s comments on the recipes!!


  3. I can only repeat what I have written to you before….your business is an inspiration and the items that I have seen displayed are imaginative and beautiful. This latest one, the Purmin GIft Box is wonderful. I hope we win!

  4. Every e-mail from you features such unique and creative ideas- and this one is no exception. I would love to win this lovely Purim presentation and share with someone special for Mishloach Manot. Win or lose,though, I will still look forward to your mailings.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. yasher koach on a beautiful website! i look forward to recieving your emails and checking out the weekly recipes! 🙂 keep it up!!

  6. I was thinking that you should have a special section for one handed recipes or recipes tat are in fact REALLY easy & quick recipes (that even moms with babies on hip/ or in arms can do.) I’ve learned a few tricks but any others would be helpful! Please let me know if its possible.

  7. i love your recipes and can’t wait to get a printer so i can print them out!!

    i’d also love to see really healthy recipes using stevia or agave nectar instead of sugar…i bought stevia…however, don’t really know how to use it with baking! olive oil instead of other shortenings…

  8. My mother had a massive stroke last November and now I am the primary caretaker for my father who has Alzheimer’s disease. I no longer have time to bake or create baskets for gifts and would love to share this mishloach manos basket gift with those who have visited my mother, and to those who have also been available emotionally for my family…

  9. Thank you for your wonderful Shabbos menus that are far from ordinary. I enjoy working with different ingredients and put together an extraordinary Shabbos dinner! Kol kavod!

  10. very unique- you certainly are doing a great job at finding the one-of-a-kind items that are not only beautiful but practical too!

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