Leftover Candy

What to do with leftover Purim candy? If hiding it, consuming it all in 24 hours, or sending it with your husband to work are not your strategies, then we have a few ideas to help make good use of the ingredients. (Remember the local schools love wrapped, marked candy donations to use as treats for the kids – check with your local school. In New York, JEP (the Jewish Enrichment Program) collects the wrapped, marked candy at many of the schools in the tri-state area to use for their kiruv programs. If you do not have a collection at your school you can mail it to them at JEP 110 Rockaway Turnpike, Lawrence, NY 11559.)
candy-2Spotted Cow Cheesecake
If your pantries are too full and you would like to make good use of some of the candy, try these recipes.

Candy Bar Blondies
Tootsie Roll Cheesecake
Hershey Bar Banana Treat
Potato Chip Baked Chicken

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