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Delicious and easy new recipes, full of flavor and color. In her new book, Estee Kafra uses her unique flair to create easy recipes from ingredients that most of us already have in our panty. The photographs are beautiful and inspired us to try many of her recipes. It is not surprising that Estee was a professional photographer before she became the Food Editor of Binah Magazine. GKC made the Miami Ribs, Sesame Salmon, Breaded Salmon Skewers, Chickpea and Couscous Salad, Green Bean Salad and the Spicy Pumpkin Cake. Every recipe impressed us, not to mention our families (a tough crowd!) and our guests. We spoke to Estee Kafra about her book, “I am honored and excited that so many have responded to my new book with such enthusiasm. I hope that you, too, enjoy the recipes and get inspired to start cooking with color! I like to make the eggplant fries often, and the pomegranate pie on the cover has been a huge success. The granola is really superb and accompanies any of those bright, delicious fruits that are just begging to be eaten!”

Purchase a book today and start enjoying it. To purchase a copy,

76 thoughts on “Giveaway – Estee Kafra’s New Cookbook, “Cooking With Color”

  1. While my Shabbos meals are tasty (even flavorful!) they are usually “brown”. While some members of my family may not mind, I like to make Shabbos and Yom Tov special in every way possible. This looks like a great source for providing that special color!

  2. The most common colors I see on Shabbos tables: brown and beige. How lovely to see a cookbook that features the importance and beauty, and I am certain, health benefits of adding color to the mix. I am thrilled to see a trend towards more healthy Shabbos food! I love to explore new food options for my guests.

  3. I’ve noticed that I always plan my salad menu (first course of several dishes on the table) to include as many colors as possible – I’ll even add a tomoato salad when it’s not really necessary, just to get some red among all the greens! But then we get to the main course, which is usually pretty bland in color and I am clueless how to proceed. I’m sure that Estee Kafra’s new cookbook will have great ideas and recipies to jazz up the meal!

  4. I love your website, and also Estee’s recipes that I read every week in Binah. I wish your site had more info, and was less commercial.

  5. I look forward to getting your posts and check the site often for ideas. All that I have found have been delicious and pretty easy! This new cookbook would be a great addition to my collection (stopped counting cookbooks long ago!) If that’s my vice, then I’m okay, I think! Be well, thanks for all you do to keep us inspired. Ellen

  6. I love this web site as I like to make healthful dishes that present well, are easy and qick to prepare and dont have a million ingredients. I live in Manhattan don’t have storage space. I look forward to a cookbook that fit these requirements!

  7. hey elizabeth, great seeing you the other day!!
    this cookbook sounds great! as we love to say in my family, “its all in the presentation”, and that’s where the great COLOR idea kicks in! so much more exciting to serve wit color, than the beiges , browns and greens!
    would LOVE to win this!!
    talk soon, FH

  8. Would love to try new recipes from Estee’s cookbook.They look pretty and delicious! I’m always looking for new, fresh ideas! Thanks for your great website!

  9. Love this site!! Is it possible to create an index for the recipes to make it easier to browse as currently the recipes are all listed in a blog format. I like it as a blog to see what’s current but would also love to see the recipes also divided up into topics – dessert, fish, salads, meat, poultry, etc to make it simpler to browse past recipes. Thanks so much for this wonderful website!!

  10. I have to tell you that I love your website! My family loves it too since I just cooked a few recipes! Everything came out delicious!
    The layout and color of this website is fantastic!
    Keep up the great work!

  11. I collect kosher/jewish cookery books and this would be a welcome addition.
    its looks very interesting and colourful. I enjoy receiving your newsletters
    here in freezing London UK

  12. Cannot resist a great-looking new cookbook! My dream (when I retire!) is to go through them all, a la “Julie & Julia”, cooking a new recipe every day. I applaud all the creative cooks out there, & thank them for sharing their great ideas with the rest of us!!

  13. I love your website ..have shared it with my daughter who is a new bride. I am trying to learn to eat ..colorful and healthy and am very excited about Estee’s cookbook. Keep up the good work.

  14. Your site just keeps getting better and better! I love all your inspiring ideas and reacipes.

    How about including some printable coupons for kosher products and establishments OR to buy Estee Kafra’s cookbook for those who don’t win your giveaway?

    I’ll be looking forward to your next e-mail and keep up the great work!!

  15. i just love color!!! it brings happiness in my life. it surely makes cooking and presentimg tons of fun . your website is a happy place to be … looking forward to see what comes next . elisheva j

  16. I prepare meals for dozens of people a week, and am always grateful for new ideas! I hate serving the same food week after week!

  17. thanks for the teriffic recipes. even my non-jewish (non-kosher) friends enjoy them. the flavor is on the mark and it always looks appealing to my kids, too (the toughest critics around).

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